Following Barr/Durham Trip to Italy, Angry Former Italian PM (and Obama Pal) Threatens to Sue George Papadopoulos

Image via George Papadopoulos's LinkedIn account

Image via George Papadopoulos’s LinkedIn account


Former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s “Sunday Morning Futures” show this morning to discuss Attorney General William Barr’s and U.S. Attorney John Durham’s trip to Italy a couple of weeks ago. While in Rome, the two met with multiple Italian intelligence officials and while no one knows what took place in those meetings, reports say that their primary focus was the role of Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud.


Papadopoulos believes it might be something big. Shortly after the Barr/Durham trip, the former Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi (who is said to be a friend of former President Obama), called Papadopoulos. Renzi, he said, went on a rant and threatened to sue him. He did not elaborate on what exactly Renzi said to him, but clearly Barr and Durham’s visit had him a little ruffled.

Several key events from the “Russian collusion” story took place in Rome. The Link University campus in the city provided the backdrop for many of those events. The faculty of Link University is closely connected to the British intelligence community. Moreover, the FBI held a training program at Link in the fall of 2016, an interesting fact which the Mueller report conveniently omitted.

Maria’s team put together a timeline of the campaign to entrap Papadopoulos:

February 2016: London Centre of International Law Practice contacts Papadopoulos on LinkedIn, starts working there.

March 2016: Invited by Arvinder Sambei to network in Rome, Introduced to Joseph Mifsud by former Italian Foreign Minister Vincenzo Scotti.

April 20, 2016: Israeli official makes introduction to Australian Intelligence official, Erika Thompson.

April 26, 2016: Mifsud claims Russia has Hillary Clinton emails.

May 2, 2016: Contacted by former UK Foreign Minister, Tobias Elwood, to learn about Trump.

May 5, 2016: Two U.S. Intel personnel, Terrence Dudley and Greg Baker, reach out about Trump.

Papadopoulos tells Bartiromo that “within 48 hours of joining the Trump campaign, I’m being invited to go to Rome at the behest of a woman named Arvinder Sambei who I used to work for in London, who I later found out had a working relationship with Bob Mueller after 9/11. So, that’s very suspicious and I’m invited to go to Rome to this University where I’m introduced to Joseph Mifsud by none other than the former Italian Foreign Minister.”


He also said that subsequent reports say that Sambei is also a close associate of DOJ official Bruce Ohr. We know that Ohr acted as a backchannel between dossier author Christopher Steele and top FBI officials. So, it appears that, within the top ranks of the international intelligence community, there are many interconnections. They all seem to know each other.

Bartiromo tells him, “I find it really interesting that just this week we learned new information that the former Prime Minister of Italy is threatening to sue you. This is ex-Italian Prime Minister Renzi threatening to sue you George Papadopoulos. What do you think this is all about George?”

Papadopoulos replies:

Well I think obviously that somebody’s connecting dots and those dots lead directly to Rome. Rome might actually be the epicenter of this entire conspiracy, even more so than London which I initially thought. Look, Attorney General Barr was recently in Italy along with John Durham. They were obviously looking into Joseph Mifsud’s extensive connections to both the Italian government (documented) and Italian Intelligence services. They’re probably looking into this University Link Campus and Vincenzo Scotti and who was the Prime Minister when all of this was going on. Matteo Renzi…and now, all of the sudden, he had some sort of meltdown a couple of days ago, he’s threatening to sue me and he went on a rant about the President, so clearly he’s feeling the heat.

Bartiromo adds, “And it feels like the CIA is also among the agencies that will be questioned as a result of gathering all of these people together which really makes it look like this incredible network of diplomats across the world working with the CIA or the FBI. We’ll see. We’re getting the IG report in the next two weeks.


Is it possible that we now have Italian collusion?

(The first part of Bartiromo’s interview with Papadopoulos begins at 40:50 in the first video and continues on the second one.)


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