Giuliani Fires Back at Critics with Guns Blazing


Rudy Giuliani appeared on Hannity last night with guns blazing. He’s been the target of intense criticism for actions he’s taken to defend President Trump. His investigation began last November when the Mueller investigation was still pending and he was doing what an attorney should do to defend his client. During his search, he discovered new, compelling information. Isn’t that what happened with Robert Mueller’s investigation? With most investigations?


He was unapologetic as he presented some convincing evidence of the corruption that took place during the 2016 election, including that of former Vice President Joe Biden. He was armed with several signed, sworn affidavits that first, eviscerate Biden’s claim that Shokin was fired because he was corrupt and, second, prove the case that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with pro-Hillary Ukrainian officials to influence the outcome. Ukrainian officials admit that this collusion impacted the race, because it took down Paul Manafort and cast a shadow over Trump’s candidacy. This was the real collusion that took place in 2016.

Giuliani’s main message was that Democrats are attempting to impeach the President based on a document that would not be admissible in a court of law. Even before yesterday’s bombshell news that the whistleblower (WB) approached staffers on Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee for advice on how to proceed with his complaint before he submitted it, the Democrats had no case. The whistleblower’s complaint consists entirely of hearsay evidence and U.S. courts only allow direct witness testimony. He explained that even if a witness with hearsay evidence might not be lying, he or she is relying on other people who may have lied to them. That’s why hearsay evidence is not allowable.


Giuliani said he began investigating all of this in November 2018 and finished on March 28, 2019. During that time, he reminds us, the Mueller investigation was ongoing and he was searching for evidence to “vindicate my client.” He told Hannity:

This information was given to me. I didn’t go looking for Joe Biden. The Ukrainians brought me substantial evidence of collusion with Hillary Clinton, the DNC, George Soros, George Soros’ company. They put it in my lap. They came and gave me testimony. I wrote it out.

I had a professional investigator make FBI 302s of it. Eventually, it was John Solomon [investigative reporter who has been instrumental in uncovering this story], who should get a Pulitzer Prize, by the way, who put them all on tape, so it’s all memorialized on videotape.

I interviewed [Yuriy] Lutsenko [appointed as acting Ukrainian Prosecutor General after Biden had his predecessor, Viktor Shokin, fired].

This is as solid as you can get. I didn’t do what this phony whistleblower did. This phony whistleblower is giving hearsay evidence. He says, “I’m not a direct witness.” Okay, useless pal. Goodbye.

Giuliani presented a sworn affidavit from Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General whom Biden had ordered fired in March 2016. This document was shown to “aides from the Senate committees on Intelligence, Foreign Relations, Appropriations and Homeland Security, as well as aides from the House committees on Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Appropriations and Oversight” in a secured briefing by the State Department’s Inspector General late Wednesday. Fox News obtained a copy and reported it last night. My colleague, Sarah Lee, posted on this earlier here.


They’re corrupt as sin. The Ukrainian oligarch, [Mykola] Zlochevsky, didn’t pay millions for Hunter Biden’s nonexistent skills. He paid millions to buy the Vice President’s office and it was a good deal for Zlochevsky. He got Hunter Biden off the hook, he got Soros’ company out of jeopardy and he got to come back to the Ukraine and keep his $5 billion just for giving up maybe $100 million.

He is actually going around the Ukraine saying it was well worth it to spend the money to do it. If anyone would care to investigate, they would find everything I just said. Except the FBI didn’t investigate for a year and a half. The Justice Dept. didn’t investigate for a year and a half. Witnesses were afraid to go to the FBI and the Justice Dept. which was actually like living in an alternate universe…

So, Giuliani gave it to the State Department, including his witness notes. And never heard from them again. They never called him for an interview and to his knowledge, they never contacted Shokin or Lutsenko. It was just dropped. Giuliani said Shokin would like to give his testimony.

(Note: Apparently, it wasn’t dropped because it was Giuliani’s interview with Shokin that Congressional aides were briefed on by last night by the State Department’s Inspector General.)

And if you don’t interview an eye witness who wants to testify under oath, and wants to be a confrontational accuser, which is what the constitution requires, you’ve got to be faced with your accusers. He’s willing to face Joe Biden and say, “You’re guilty. You participated in a bribe with my President. You got me thrown out so that the case against Soros, the case against a billionaire and the case against your son [would go away]. And everybody knows you’re corrupt Joe…

[Shokin’s] poor. Lutsenko’s got a lot of dough. Big cars. Lots of money. Shokin is living in a village, he’s living in a cottage. He’s actually hiding and scared out of his mind they’re going to kill him.

If you think the President of the Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko was President in 2016], let out one of the richest people, let him get away with $5 billion, without, what do they say in The Godfather, filling their beaks…if you don’t think Poroshenko got big millions for this, then you shouldn’t be in the investigatory business.


Hannity asks Giuliani about his proposed lawsuit. Giuliani said that today’s bombshell (mentioned above) advances his case.

He [Whistleblower] would have been ignored until they changed the rules.

Every bit of Shokin’s interview is admissible in court, but they don’t interview Shokin. Actually Shokin testifies to real corruption.

Everything this guy [WB] says about me is false. My meeting with Yermak was not set up because of the conversation. The two people he said I set up. You know why, idiot? Because it was set up before the conversation. The two people he said I called, I never called. One of them, I didn’t call because he was put on the list of corrupt people I shouldn’t talk to there. And I happened to have independent knowledge of that so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about with regard to me. There are apparent indications, I can point out seven or eight where he’s lying.

Actually, he may not be lying. He’s relying on other people. Maybe they lied to him. That’s why hearsay evidence is not allowable. Shokin has direct evidence. [Inaudible] has direct evidence. Ilyende has direct evidence. Lutsenko has direct evidence. [Andrii] Telizhenko has direct evidence. I have six witnesses who can give direct, admissible evidence of Ukrainian collusion, participation in the Steele dossier with phony information, the creation of false evidence, and a very clear corruption scheme by the Vice President of the United States and that has to be vindicated and all of it was exposed before he was a candidate for president. And it’s not because he’s a candidate for president because he was a corrupt, disgraceful Vice President who disgraced our country in the Ukraine, and in China and their still talking about how corrupt he is and how stupid we are for not catching it. It has to be vindicated for the honor of the United States of America. He disgraced us. And if you don’t react to that, you have no sense of honor or dignity.


Rudy defended himself and the President very effectively and very robustly. And he revealed the House Democrats’ case for what it is – a scam.



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