Diabolical: Read The 'Options' Civil Rights Lawyer Lisa Bloom Offered To New Client Harvey Weinstein When The Scandal Broke


A new book is out today, entitled “She Said,” by the New York Times reporters, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, whose investigation of Harvey Weinstein was instrumental in his downfall.


The book is said to reveal previously unknown details about the case including the many ways Weinstein and “his representatives tried to kill” the story.

Huffington Post writer Yashar Ali posted a copy of lawyer Lisa Bloom’s opening memo to her new client, Harvey Weinstein, about the best way to deal with actress Rose McGowan. It was written in December 2016.

(This memo is included in the book and can be viewed in Ali’s tweet below.)

McGowan alleges that Weinstein raped her in 1997 at a Sundance film festival. She was one of the first women to publicly accuse the notorious producer of rape.

Bloom proves she is high-profile feminist attorney Gloria Allred’s daughter. She’s on this. Here are your options Harvey.

Bloom tells Weinstein, “I feel equipped to help you against the Roses of the world, because I have represented so many of them. We can place an article re her becoming increasingly unglued, so that when someone Googles her this is what pops up and she’s discredited.”

Here is one of Bloom’s options:

Counterops online campaign to push back and call her out as a pathological liar. A few well placed articles now will go a long way if things blow up for us down the line. We can place an article re her becoming increasingly unglued so that when someone Googles her, this is what pops up and she is discredited. We have all the facts based on publicly available information.

Bloom also writes, “A reminder: would you please connect me with David Boies so that I can get retained?” This is interesting because Boies represents Virginia Giuffre, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. Bloom herself had gained a reputation as a victim’s advocate. However, in the Weinstein case, both unleash their knowledge of the law against Weinstein’s victims. Variety writes that both Bloom and Boies “emerge as ruthless advocates on behalf of Weinstein.”


“She Said” evidently portrays Bloom in a very negative light. A New York Times review of the book says “Maybe the most appalling figure in this constellation of collaborators and enablers is Lisa Bloom, Allred’s daughter.”

McGowan spoke to Variety and said, “What these people have done to my standing in the world has been systematic — it’s been evil. It’s one of the worst cases of gaslighting I’ve ever heard, and it’s starring me.”

(How does she think Trump must feel?)

McGowan continued:

Her [Bloom] email [memo] is staggering. Staggering! This woman should never work again. Lisa Bloom should be disbarred. So should David Boies…I hope this book will go a long way to exonerating me and the other victims who’ve dealt with slander and mental assault for years now. But in my own life, I’m incredibly happy now and feeling very balanced. And that’s something they can’t take from me.

To her credit, Bloom left Weinstein’s legal team in October 2017, amid mounting criticism. And she reiterated an apology she had made in at that time on twitter over the weekend.

And today, David Boies issued a statement (not an apology) through a spokesperson which said:

David Boies is focused among many things on reforming the country’s electoral college voting system — big argument tomorrow in Boston — and deeply committed to his work representing the leading voices of victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s horrific international sex trafficking operation. Ms. McGowan is unquestionably entitled to her deeply held beliefs and opinions but her suggestion regarding David’s bar status is a bridge too far for any reasonable conversation.


Read the memo.




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