Rob Reiner Tears Into Trump (Again); Kristy Swanson Kills It With Three Little Words

(image: Wikimedia Commons)
(image: Wikimedia Commons)

Rob Reiner has been struck with Trump Derangement Syndrome a bit harder than most. From time to time, he simply can’t help himself and he feels he must take to twitter to explain to his followers, once again, why he hates President Trump. The tension builds inside of him until he can no longer stand it, then he explodes. The stress leaves his body and he’s okay for a little while…until the pressure returns once more.


Reiner reached that point again on Wednesday and fired off the following tweet.

Actress Kristy Swanson ended it with three short words in one awesome tweet.

Naturally, Swanson’s hilarious (and appropriate) reply went viral. Here’s how other twitter users responded.


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