Vox Writer: The Government Should Act To Discourage Expensive Weddings, Then It Gets Worse; Update: Tweet Deleted

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Vox Writer Matthew Yglesias thinks that Americans spend far too much money on weddings. Furthermore, he thinks it would be a great idea if the government could help out by “discouraging” people from expensive weddings. Better to “repurpose the funds for family vacations down the road.” A capital idea @mattyglesias.


Predictably, many twitter users who feel we already have enough government intervention in our lives came down a little hard on @mattyglesias.

Here are some of the responses he received.

So Socialized weddings?

Why does the government need to get involved with this at all?

Can we stop this idiocy of thinking the gov’t should DO SOMETHING for every single thing? You’re supposed to be a journalist maybe write something and then start a conversation about this instead of naval gazing about how the gov’t should DO SOMETHING.

Here’s a thought: the government shouldn’t try to run every aspect of my life. Are you not adult enough to handle this on your own?

He became angry over the backlash (see tweet below), which he believes came only from conservatives. He guessed it was “fitting for the fallen Trump-era version of the movement.”

Twitter users didn’t like this comment either. They responded:

“Conservatives are hypocrites for saying government shouldn’t dictate how much of money people spend on weddings”

Wow. So his marriage regulation WASN’T satire. And he thinks anyone who disagrees is a “conservative.” Name one freaking member of Congress or a state legislature, @mattyglesias, who’s more capable at running your life than you.

I think there’s a pretty clear difference between caring about marriage/family life and using public policy to dictate how much a couple can spend on a rehearsal dinner.


Tired of the whole thing, @mattyglesias deleted the entire thread and moved on.

To a liberal, nothing should be kept out of the government’s reach.


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