NEW: ACLJ Has Obtained Obama DOJ's Immunity Agreements With Hillary Clinton's Attorneys

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On Monday night’s edition of Hannity, it was announced that The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has obtained the Obama DOJ’s immunity agreements with Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson. These records were obtained via a FOIA request filed by the ACLJ two years ago.


Mills served as Clinton’s chief of staff and Samuelson served as a senior advisor and White House liaison during her tenure as Secretary of State. Both women became her personal attorneys after she left State.

According to ACLJ executive director and radio host Jordan Sekulow, Mills and Samuelson agreed to turn over their laptops in exchange for:

Immunity from prosecution for anything found on their laptops violating multiple felony criminal statutes governing the mishandling of classified information and/or the removal or destruction of records, including Espionage Act provisions. Further, the DOJ and FBI also agreed to evade the statutory requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by purporting to deem the contents of the laptops as not under DOJ or FBI “custody or control.”

According to the DOJ Inspector General, who identified these as the “culling laptops,” “[a]ll 62,320 emails pulled from the Clinton servers were stored at one time on these laptops.” Having taken control of these laptops, agreeing to severely limit its searches, agreeing to unlawfully shield the laptops from FOIA, then agreeing to dispose of the laptops, it appears the Comey FBI and Lynch DOJ did everything in their power to protect Clinton’s senior aids and lawyers from both criminal liability and public scrutiny.

While these immunity agreements and related news have been publicly discussed to some extent, the ACLJ has now obtained the actual documents so the public may see and judge them accordingly.


The pair were essentially given the green light “to dispose of evidence and refuse to comply with federal law.”

During former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s Congressional testimony last summer, he disclosed that Clinton’s lawyers had negotiated immunity agreements with Loretta Lynch’s DOJ which was shocking. Now, we have proof.

Sekulow explained to Hannity:

They take over her emails. They’re called “culling computers” and each one had one. These were the backups of the infamous server out in Colorado that had the 62,000 emails on them.

Each [Mills and Samuelson] had it and guess what, each was going through as now Hillary Clinton’s lawyers deleting emails. So, when this investigation began, they wanted to make sure right off the bat that they were immune from the Espionage Act, the Records Act, and the Classified Information Act. Crimes that bring prison time of up to 28 years if you combine them for each of these actors and yet they get full immunity, but not just that. They also get the FBI and the DOJ to agree to not allow the American people to access this information on their computers via FOIA. I’ve got that document right here. And they’ll destroy the computers for Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson and the Clinton Team.

This arrangement has been described as “highly unusual.” These women went through over 62,000 emails which had been subpoenaed and decided which were okay for the public to see and which should be withheld.


In an article published on Monday, Sekulow goes into the details of the agreements and also discusses the FBI’s attempts to stonewall the ACLJ’s attempts to obtain these records. He wrote that the DOJ/FBI “expressly attempted to evade FOIA’s requirements.” The language included in the immunity agreements with Mills and Samuelson was meant to “circumvent” FOIA requests. Or so they thought. Read the details here.

These immunity agreements represent the most irrefutable evidence yet of America’s two-tier system of justice. Although we’ve suspected this all along, we now have proof. We’ve waited a long time to see justice served, as government agencies have tried their best to stonewall the release of key documents. Although the progress has been painfully slow, important information is being revealed and a picture of extensive abuse of power by officials at the highest levels of the Obama DOJ and FBI is emerging.

This is not a good day for Team Hillary.

Watch the video below.


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