Newsweek Op-Ed: Ilhan Omar Is Fighting For The White Working Class, Even As They Chant 'Send Her Back'

Credit: House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans

Credit: House Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans


In a recent op-ed, Newsweek’s Domenica Ghanem claims that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is fighting for the white working class, even as they chant “Send Her Back.” Ghanem adds that “over the last month I have watched in awe as Rep. Ilhan Omar has responded to hate with not just grace, but policy.”


Grace? Ilhan Omar? Grace would mean she might express a little gratitude to the country which took her in as a refuge so many years ago, paid for her food, shelter and education and made it possible for her to enjoy the full, rich and free life she has today. Instead, she feels nothing but contempt for America.

Policy? Ghanem refers to Omar’s introduction of the Frank Adelmann Manufactured Housing Community Sustainability Act, a bill to stop people from being evicted from their mobile homes and the No Shame at School Act, which would make school lunches more affordable and stop efforts to shame kids whose families can’t afford their food.”

Both of these initiatives are directed toward lower income Americans who are already covered by existing government safety nets.

Sorry Ms. Ghanem. I’m not convinced.

When I think of Ilhan Omar, I think of her anti-Semitic remarks, her introduction of a House resolution to support the anti-Israel BDS movement, and the evil smile which crossed her face as she asked U.S. Special Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams, “Do you think that massacre [a bloody conflict in San Salvador] was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch?”

I remember the same evil smile when she told an audience that “ignorance was pervasive in this country” and her refusal to condemn Antifa and other terrorist groups. I also recall her reference to 9/11 as “some people did something,” the letter she wrote to a U.S. District Court judge asking for his compassion when “sentencing nine Minnesota Somali-American men convicted of joining the terror group ISIS.”


Grace? Fighting for white working class Americans? Not so much.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Many readers found Ms. Ghanem’s article to be completely divorced from reality. Here’s how others responded:


“She’s done literally nothing. LMAO”

“Newsweek gives cover to blatant anti-semite. Who has sponsored zero bills to help anyone but BDS.”

“When you want to be the new ThinkProgress soooooo bad.”

“Oh Newsweek, we know you are a Dem cheerleader! @IlhanMN just said white men are the problem.”

“This is a farce. She is not and I repeat not working for the “white” anything. She wants this country “fundamentally” changed. Anti-American is the best description of this woman”

“Narrator: This is a joke.”

“I thought this magazine was on its last legs, but this is ridiculous.”

“Yes increasing the taxes of the middle class by 20-30% is a clear indicator of how much she cares about their “rights”

“And the facts to back up that statement would be?”

“Replying to @Newsweek @IlhanMN

“It’s amazing to me how much the media tries to help these people out.”

“We saw this same kind of fawning over Obama. Disgusting.”

“Name one thing she has done for anyone?”

“Hard pass.”

“Carry that water, Newsweek!”

“Y’all can not possibly believe this crap.”

“$15 an hour minimum wage is too much, it’s already causing people to cut back hours. Supporting abortion, the Green New Deal and open borders in no way helps the middle class. Newsweek has their socialist agenda right beside hers.”

“This lip-flapping is how
you got Trump elected,
and how you will do it again.”

“just because you say it doesn’t make it true. She’s a straight up extremist, and her disdain for America is palpable in the streets of her district”



And finally:


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