CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: House Democrats' Investigations Have Been A 'Wall-To-Wall' Failure



On Wednesday night’s episode of “Anderson Cooper 360,” a group of panelists were discussing the strategy of House Democrats going forward in the wake of the disastrous Mueller hearings.


CNN’s legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, made an extraordinary comment: (video below)

You know what might be a good idea for the Democrats in the House of Representatives is to find out something. You know, I mean, they got control of the House of Representatives and they were gonna do investigations. Name one thing that any of these investigations have uncovered. Now we’re almost at the summer recess. What are they doing?

They have been stymied by the president. They have run into unprecedented, you know, interference from the president but I mean, let’s not kid ourselves. This has been a wall to wall failure in all these committees.

More remarkable still, CNN’s Kirsten Powers agreed with him. Some began making excuses for their lack of progress, such as ‘these court cases can take some time,’ but generally, none of the panelists actually disagreed with Toobin.

Toobin is absolutely correct. For the past seven months, House Democrats have devoted themselves to the destruction of President Trump. They haven’t landed any fatal blows, or really many not so fatal blows. They have focused on impeachment to the exclusion of all other duties.

Now, the August recess is upon them and they have accomplished nothing.

Following the hearings, several Democrats tried to put a positive spin on their future strategy regarding the President. CNN reported:


Publicly, Democrats called the Mueller hearings an important step on Wednesday, where the special counsel explained that his investigation did not exonerate the President, detailed how his actions toward Russia and WikiLeaks were problematic, and outlined what they see is a clear case of obstruction of justice, even if Mueller would not say so explicitly.

“For people who are not (familiar with the report), this should have blown their minds,” said Rep. Ted Lieu, a California Democrat who backs an impeachment inquiry.

Squad ally Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said of the hearings, “I think it was groundbreaking.” She added that “she thought Mueller had moved the needle for the public and her own caucus.”

This should have blown our minds? It was groundbreaking? Not so much.

Surely they know that yesterday’s debacle marked the end of the road for their impeachment dreams.

At least Toobin and Powers were willing to admit it.

Watch the video: (The relevant segment starts at 36:18)


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