Victor Davis Hanson Wonders If a President Joe Biden Could Ever Become 25th Amendment Material


The thought of a President Joe Biden one day becoming 25th Amendment material has never, ever crossed my mind. That said, Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) is my favorite conservative commentator, and I rarely disagree with anything he writes. So I thought I’d give it a read.


Hanson says he “speculates only because our popular culture and intelligentsia have suggested President Trump is crazy and should be removed under the 25th Amendment…under the new progressive rules, accusations about the mental health of presidents and would-be presidents are now legitimate political attack strategies.”

Remember that time Congressional Democrats brought in a Yale psychologist to tell them how a group of experts had diagnosed Trump in absentia as certifiably unhinged? And we never did get a real answer on the seriousness of former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe’s conversation about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. And progressives have brought other crazy things such as impeachment, the Logan Act and the Emoluments Clause back into the mainstream.

So, based on “these new progressive protocols, could a President Joe Biden be written off as delusional?” VDH cites several examples of the Addled Biden:

Biden once suggested that George Bush get on TV after the 2008 meltdown in the manner that President Roosevelt had addressed the nation after the 1929 market crash: “When the stock market crashed, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the, you know, the princes of greed.” Biden was referring to a time when neither FDR was president nor was television commercially available.

More recently in the primary debate, when asked what was the first thing that a newly inaugurated Biden might do as president (presumably after defeating incumbent Trump in the 2020 election), he answered, “The first thing I would do is make sure that we defeat Donald Trump . . . Period.” Biden in this case was in Obama’s “57-states,” Hawaii is in Asia, and “corpse-men” Lala land.

In a subsequent bizarre interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Biden noted the charge that Vladimir Putin had interfered in recent Western elections, by apparently forgot the Democratic gospel that maintains Putin’s meddling swayed the 2016 election to Trump. “You think that [Russian interference in a foreign election] would have happened on my watch or Barack’s watch?” Biden said. “You can’t answer that, but I promise you it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t.”

The list of Biden confusions could be amplified ad nauseam. In fact, there is an entire genre of “Biden gaffes” that circulates on the Internet and even elicited a confession from Biden himself: “I am a gaffe machine.”


Next, he considers the Bruiser Biden? I hadn’t heard of the first two items he lists.  The third one, Biden’s threat to withhold $1 billion worth of U.S. aid from Ukraine unless they fired the investigator who was about to question his son, strikes me as an impeachable offense. At the very least, it was certainly nothing to brag about.

He has now on two occasions mentioned Trump as just the sort of tormenter that Biden in his youth used to take behind the gym, and would thus “beat the hell out of him.” Trump also apparently qualified as the kind of target that Biden in the past has “smacked . . . in the mouth.” And Biden once curled up his fists and warned Trump that if he walked behind him in a debate, well . . . Biden could not predict what might happen once Smokin’ Joe got his dander up.

Trump is just the latest target of tough-guy Biden. In 2014, the vice president reminded us that young Joe had once defended the honor of his sister by traipsing into a donut shop (often a familiar prop in Biden’s riffs), and slamming the head of a rude SOB into the counter. And young Joe also was ready to take on the mean dad as well. “I walked up behind him and smashed his head next to the counter . . . His father grabbed me, and I looked at his son and said, ‘If you ever touch my sister again, I’ll come back here again and I’ll kill your son.” Both dad and son apparently backed off from the formidable teen.

Biden does not just relate domestic braggadocio. He struts abroad as well. Remember his threats to the Ukrainian president and prime minister: “They were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, . . . we’re not going to give you $1 billion. They said, ‘You have no authority. You’re not the president.’ . . . I said, call him. I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the $1 billion. I said, you’re not getting the billion. . . . I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”

In a sane world, Biden would seem to have just confessed to using his office to the advantage of his profit-mongering wayward son Hunter, a well-known influence peddler with past suspect business interests in Ukraine and a sometime target of the fired prosecutor.


The Racist Biden?

We all remember how fondly he spoke of his segregationist Senate colleagues because of the beating he took from Kamala Harris at the debate.

And most of us recall his remarks about Obama while campaigning in 2007. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

During that campaign, he spoke about how Indians had practically infiltrated the state of Delaware. He said, “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”

And no one can forget his warning to a racially mixed audience in 2012 that if Romney were elected, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.”

And finally, the #MeToo Biden?

And, of course, he is known for his hair sniffing and for his inability to keep his hands off of most women, young or old. He’s also been known to swim in the nude in front of female Secret Service agents.

Biden is only the most egregious example of the impending applicable double standard that progressives have crafted though their own unhinged effort to abort the Trump presidency. Knowingly or not, they have made the once normal — allow an incoming president to face the consequences of his policies in his first midterm election and ensuing reelection bid — into the taboo.

Apparently, Democrats never imagined that their own slate of candidates might, according to their own standards, have far greater liabilities than Trump himself. And as we are likely soon to see, and as Biden himself has darkly hinted, ol’ Joe’s sins may pale in comparison to those of his now acerbic rivals.

We are in new territory where nothing is sacred, nothing is a gaffe, nothing is just a slip of the tongue—given that any means necessary were long ago justified to achieve the end of ousting Trump. And those means are soon going to be applied to the very politicos who recalibrated and welcomed them — and Biden first, and most embarrassingly, of all.


Now that my memory has been refreshed, I realize that yes, under the new standards introduced by Democrats who’ve been stricken by the mass epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome, a President Biden just might qualify as 25th Amendment material. (And this is not even a complete list.)

We’ll see how Crazy Joe and the rest of the 2020 candidates fare under the progressive rules that they themselves have instituted. The same rules they have imposed upon Trump hoping to handicap his presidency.

It’s just not Joe Biden’s Washington, D.C. anymore.


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