Hilarious: Laura Ingraham Lands a One-Two Punch on Rep. Joaquin Castro


Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) got owned by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Tuesday. Twice.

Castro posted a video of a shower from one of the migrant facilities several members of Congress had toured earlier this week on Twitter. Frankly, it’s not bad, especially when you consider these people have crossed the border illegally.


Ingraham wasn’t shocked by the showers either. She tweeted that they were similar to Army facilities in Iraq she had seen (and used) during a visit to Camp Victory and Balad.

Obviously a little miffed about being taken down by Ingraham, he did as all good Democrats are taught to do. He called her a white supremacist.

We’ll get to the racist part in a second. But first, excuse me Joaquin, we did not invite these people into our country. President Trump has repeatedly told them not to come. This is a make-shift facility we’ve been forced to build to accommodate the influx of illegal immigrants who have flooded our country.

But most importantly, the Congressman was unaware of one game changing fact. How many white supremacists does he know who would adopt three Latin American children?


Here is a photograph of Ingraham with her children.

This is a perfect example of how casually, liberally, randomly and recklessly Democrats toss around this label. The Democratic Party is now defined by identity politics.

As a reminder, we need only to look at Colin Kaepernick’s characterization of the Betsy Ross flag as racially offensive.

Funny, Barack Obama didn’t seem to think so. Two of these offensive flags are featured prominently in the photograph below from his 2013 inauguration.

Democrats are beginning to look increasingly ridiculous as the tweet below implies.


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