CNN's Brian Stelter Edited Out Most Violent Portion of Antifa's Attack on Andy Ngo


It’s been widely reported that conservative journalist and Quillette editor Andy Ngo was attacked on Saturday by Antifa. A group of thugs surrounded Ngo, punched his face and head, kicked him, threw “milkshakes” which may have contained wet cement, and sprayed him with what was said to be either pepper spray or bear spray. Ngo had been covering a “Proud Boys” protest in Portland, OR when the assault occurred.


Although the mainstream media has covered this story, they’ve been prefacing tweets and articles with some variation of “though some feel Ngo deserved it.” My colleague, Brandon Morse, posted about this here.

Earlier today, OANN’s Jack Posobiec reported that CNN’s Brian Stelter had edited out the portion of video from the first, and most violent, part of the attack. The second video in Oregon reporter Jim Ryan’s tweet below shows members of Antifa beating up on Ngo.

Please note the difference between the video Stelter presented to his viewers vs. Jack Ryan’s original video which began soon after the assault began.

To his credit, Stelter condemned the violence, although he couldn’t help himself from slipping in a reference “to what Ngo’s critics say.” There’s always the insult, followed by the “but.”

He’s been out there in the past, he has been covering protests in Portland for quite some time. His critics say he’s there to cause trouble, but that’s unacceptable. The idea that he would be attacked, that he would be bloodied in that way: Unacceptable, period. And it’s important that everyone make that clear, even left-wing critics who don’t like him, and things like that.


Still, Stelter did not want his audience to see Antifa activists in action, doing what they do best.

The mainstream media should distance themselves from this group, but instead they provide cover for them.

Although members of the mainstream media are by no means as radical as Antifa members, they are on the same side of the political spectrum. They are related. They are certainly more similar to Antifa than they are to conservatives. That’s why it’s not surprising that Stelter would omit the most brutal part of the assault. They protect their own. Similar to the way one might cover up for a crazy relative.


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