Summer Is Now Sexist...And It Can Trigger Those With Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

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So says USA Today’s Alia E. Dastagir. She is starting to feel the pressure that summer thrusts upon women. Women need to have perfect bikini bodies. We need to shave our legs every day. Our kids are out of school for two months and we have to entertain them. On top of all that, and this one is especially perplexing, we even have to text our friends to let them know our jogging routes. (Read her article here.)


Ms. Dastagir goes a bit too far. She begins with the following:

Summer! The best season. Especially for women. Time to panic because your beach body didn’t shape up as scheduled, to shave every day even though it gives you adult diaper rash, to text a friend so she knows your jogging route, to act as the primary juggler of your kids’ camp schedules because your husband can’t or won’t or tried last year and failed.
Summer! Longer days, warmer nights, barbecues (don’t you dare eat that hot dog), ice cream (that either) and sexism. So much sexism.

So, what are we to do about it? Should we cancel summer because of all this added pressure on women? Arrest it? Start a new movement to shame it, #summerissexist? How would one call out a season anyway?

Body consciousness is not the sole domain of women. It is a human issue. As the mother of two sons who work out regularly, I can tell you that concern over body image is not limited to women. Everyone wants to look their best in a bathing suit.

The writer also laments the need for women to shave their legs every day in the summer.

Men have to shave their faces every day of the year, regardless of the season. Even men with facial hair have to shave certain areas of their faces or at least trim their beards daily. Of course, there are some men who choose to abandon the razor entirely, but such men are in the minority.

Her next argument is that women must “act as the primary juggler of your kids’ camp schedules because your husband can’t or won’t or tried last year and failed.” Dastagir can’t seriously blame this on the sexism of summer. Frankly, this one sounds more like a problem with her marriage.


When my kids were young, I wasn’t working. Considering that my husband was working full-time to provide for us, I saw taking care of my children during the day as my responsibility. Had I been working full-time as well, it would have been a responsibility we would have shared or hired someone else to take care of. Certainly, I wasn’t bemoaning the “sexism” of summer because I had to keep my children busy.

She also complains about finding time to text a friend so she knows her jogging route. How is that sexist?

Has everything that can’t be labeled as racist, homophobic or bigoted suddenly become sexist?

Seriously, summer is racist? Stop whining.


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