'King Maker' AOC Tells 2020 Democratic Hopeful To Just 'Sashay Away'



AOC’s power trip continues. Yes, the order came from on high over the weekend that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney must exit the race.


The former congressman from Maryland spoke before the California Democratic Convention and said, “Medicare for all may sound good but it’s actually not good policy nor is it good politics.” He added that it would “kick 150 million Americans off their health care.”

His remarks were not well received by the audience who responded with a long and strong boo. Please watch the videos in the tweets below.

Many were actually laughing at Delaney. He tried to explain further. “We should have universal health care. We should have universal health care. We should have universal health care, but it shouldn’t be a kind of health care that kicks 150 million Americans off their health care. That’s not smart policy.”

Regardless of the fact that Medicare for all is estimated to cost approximately $32 trillion over the first ten years, and we simply can’t afford it, the crowd wasn’t having it and their disapproval continued.


AOC, who now boasts over four million followers on Twitter, sent out the following tweet on Sunday evening.


Since there’s so many people running for President, instead of obsessing over who‘s a “frontrunner,” maybe we can start w some general eliminations. This awful, untrue line got boo’ed for a full minute. John Delaney, thank you but please sashay away 👋🏽

It’s really incredible that this young woman has become such a powerful figure in the Democratic Party in such a short period of time. Move over Nancy. There’s a new kid in town.



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