Deep State Has Left 'Paper Trail As Wide As Interstate-95' Which Will 'Fall All Over DC Like Radioactive Ash'


News of Trump’s order to declassify all documents relating to the targeting of his presidential campaign by members of the Obama administration intelligence community has reverberated throughout Washington and beyond since Thursday night. The same Democrats who are demanding that Trump release his business records and tax returns because he “may have” broken the law are panicking over this directive. Rep. Adam Schiff, who has built his reputation on his hatred for Donald Trump, tells reporters it’s “un-American” and of course, he’s worried about revealing “sources and methods.”


For nearly three years, Democrats and the media have persecuted this President, yet they’ve never been able to point to a particular crime. They’ve called for his impeachment, yet offer no specifics. Up until now, general accusations have worked very well for them.

The always colorful social critic and blogger James Howard Kunstler reacted to Trump’s declassification directive in his signature fashion:

Not long ago, few Americans of the thinking persuasion might have imagined that such a well-engineered republic, with its exquisite checks and balances, sturdy institutions, and time-tested traditions would end up as so much smoldering goop in a national dumpster fire, but such is the sad state-of-the-union moving into the fateful summer of 2019. The castle of the permanent bureaucracy is about to be torched by an uprising of deplorable peasants led by a Golden Golem made furious by relentless litigation. It’s Game of Thrones meets the Thermidorian Reaction with a Weimar-flavored cherry on top — really one for the ages!…

The plot they concocted to get rid of him failed. And, yes, it was a plot, even a coup. And they f***ed it up magnificently, leaving a paper trail as wide as Interstate-95. Now all that paper is about to fall over the District of Columbia like radioactive ash, turning many current and former denizens of rogue agencies into the walking dead as they embark on the dismal journey between the grand juries and the federal prisons.

Hence, the desperate rage of the impeachment faction, in direct proportion to their secret shameful knowledge that the entire RussiaGate melodrama was, in fact, a seditious subterfuge between the Hillary Clinton campaign and a great many key figures in government up-to-and-including former president Barack Obama, who could not have failed to be clued-in on all the action. Even before the declassification order, the true narrative of events has been plainly understood: that the US Intel “community” trafficked in fictitious malarkey supplied by Mrs. Clinton to illegally “meddle” in the 2016 election. (Read the entire op-ed here.)


I once wrote that, in the age of technology, it’s almost impossible to get away with a crime. There are 100 ways to get caught and even if you think of 98 of them, still that remaining one or two will trip you up. Somewhere in the “paper trail that’s as wide as Interstate 95,” will be found the incontrovertible evidence of a crime.

Thanks to the painstaking efforts of lawmakers such as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton and so many other conservatives, we already know most of the story. Declassification will allow us to fill in the blanks and hold people accountable.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who has emerged as one of Trump’s biggest supporters, spoke to Fox & Friends on Friday and said:

It is long overdue. You’re going to find out the mentality of the people investigating the president. You’re going to find out exactly what they did and said. You’re going to find out that Papadopoulos was not working with the Russians and [the FBI] knew early on that he had no contacts with the Russians. There’ll be some transcripts coming out where he says, ‘If you did that, that’d be treason.’ So the bottom line is, there’s going to be a lot of information about they were warned Steele was a bad guy and you can’t trust him. They blew through every stop sign.


While this order should have come a long time ago, at least it’s finally been done. The onslaught of all the new House Democratic investigations and the success of liberal judges to force Trump’s compliance with congressional subpoenas added to the pressure. Finally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unhinged comments to reporters that “the President is engaged in a cover-up” minutes before an important meeting with him forced his hand.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York spoke about an additional benefit of Trump’s making this decision at this particular time. He tweeted:

Talking to plugged-in Republicans about Trump declassification order. They see giving AG Barr authority will speed the process. Added benefit: Quick declassification could allow DOJ IG Horowitz to include more stuff in his upcoming report.

Recently, Attorney General William Barr announced his appointment of U.S. Attorney John Durham to open an investigation into the origins of the Trump/Russia probe, DOJ IG Michael Horowitz has been examining the FBI’s FISA Court application and related activities since March 2018 and his report is expected soon. And, so they say, that elusive man of mystery Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber, began an investigation into Obama-era FBI/DOJ abuses of power in March 2018.

The tide has most definitely turned.

After the unending outrages of the last three years, this will be fun to watch.



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