Hannity: His Sources Say IG Horowitz 'Is Done and It's Devastating'


Sean Hannity told viewers on Wednesday night he has heard from his sources that DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has concluded his investigation into the FBI’s alleged abuse of the FISA Court application process and “it’s devastating.”


If Hannity’s sources are correct, this would corroborate comments made this week by former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova.

DiGenova said, “I have sources telling me that Horowitz perhaps is even finished with his report and certainly the Attorney General has been briefed on what is coming.”

Hannity also repeated comments diGenova made last week which I reported on. DiGenova said IG Horowitz:

has concluded that the final three FISA extensions were illegally obtained…The only question now is whether or not the first FISA warrant was illegally obtained…As a result of those disclosures from John Solomon today, which he was unaware of, the Bureau hid those memos from Horowitz. As a result of that, they are doing some additional work on the first FISA. It may be that all four FISAs will have been obtained illegally.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett weighed in:

Yes, I think Joe’s right. I think there will be almost a separate part of the IG report based on the lies and deception and concealing of evidence to the FISA judges.

But you need a U.S. attorney, because an Inspector General can only uncover evidence that he has access to and [can only interview] people who are still employed by the government. You need a U.S. attorney like Durham to be able to subpoena people, to haul them in front of a grand jury. I suspect there is a grand jury and they’re well on their way to potential criminal indictments.

The question is who’s in legal jeopardy? It is likely [former FBI Director] James Comey, [former FBI Deputy Director] Andrew McCabe, [former FBI General Counsel] James Baker, [former FBI special agent Peter Strzok], [former FBI lawyer] Lisa Page, maybe [former CIA Director] John Brennan and [former Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper.  Certainly Christopher Steele and [Fusion GPS co-founder] Glenn Simpson.


Hannity asks, “What about the Attorney General [Loretta Lynch] fingered by Strzok and Page as running the exoneration of Hillary Clinton? What about Biden and Obama and meetings that supposedly took place in the Oval Office about these topics?

Jarret replied, “Well that should have been covered in the first report that came out last May. So it’s unclear to me whether or not the IG will revisit it in his second report.”

If Jarrett is correct, it’s likely that Durham will be looking into those improprieties. The closed door Congressional hearings of FBI officials took place over the summer and fall of 2018, long after Horowitz had completed his 2018 investigation. The transcripts have provided a great deal of incriminating information. For example, the Strzok hearing revealed an agreement between Hillary Clinton’s attorneys and the DOJ, which is an unheard of arrangement and so much more.

Hillary’s dubious exoneration was the backdrop in which the Russian collusion conspiracy developed. It is too much a part of the present case for Durham to ignore.

There have been reports that Durham has already begun his work.

Hannity cited new comments by diGenova. “John Durham has already convened a grand jury in Connecticut, they’ve already gotten documents, they’ve already talked to Intel people.


Yesterday, I posted here that Durham is actually the prosecutor in charge of former FBI General Counsel James Baker’s case. Baker is currently under a criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classified material to the media. This information was discovered in a transcript of Baker’s October 3, 2018 testimony before Congress.

The vice is tightening.




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