The Daily Beast BRUTALIZES Beto O'Rourke; Consensus Among Women: 'Beto Reminds Them Of The Worst Boyfriend They Ever Had'


Looks like Beto O’Rourke has fallen from grace. The rising star whom an adoring media once believed would be the next Obama is flaming out. Now, the left is beginning to turn on him. The Daily Beast’s Margaret Carlson savages him in an op-ed.


She starts out by writing that “reacting to losing to Ted Cruz by running for president is like failing to land a role in a community theater production and deciding to take your talents to Broadway.”

Carlson says that he has become increasingly unpopular with women.

According to my unscientific poll asking every woman I see, Beto reminds them of the worst boyfriend they ever had: self-involved, convinced of his own charm, chronically late if he shows up at all, worth a meal or two but definitely not marriage material. When he should be home with the kids or taking out the trash, he’s jamming with his garage band or skateboarding at Whataburger. He’s “in and out of a funk” which requires long and meaningful runs to clear his head. Every thought he has is transcendent, worthy of being narrated, videotaped, and blogged. He is always out finding himself. At age 46, the man asking to run the country is currently lost.

He does seem to be a bit of a Peter Pan, doesn’t he?

Next, Carlson offers some much needed empathy for his wife.

Women feel Amy O’Rourke’s pain, even if she doesn’t. He was home for five minutes before he was off again. The kitchen where he made German pancakes for posting to his Instagram page was meticulously organized for him to swoop in as if he were taping an infomercial for a non-stick griddle. Right after his announcement, he blithely admitted his wife, who held a Nancy Reagan gaze for three minutes, would raise the children, “sometimes with my help.” He thought that was amusing.


It’s not amusing. His wife has probably raised those children alone.

Finally, Carlson attacks him on substance.

But he’s way short on how he would govern, issuing his first big policy proposal this week on climate change. It’s a clip and paste job, something borrowed, something less than purely green, with a hole big enough for his home state oil barons to build a mile-wide offshore drill on. Weighing in at $5 trillion, it gauzily promises to “meet this moment,” a line in almost every speech. It all makes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s half-baked Green New Deal look like the Manhattan Project.

He also touched on health care last week in San Francisco in a room that holds 600, when in Oakland a month prior Sen. Kamala Harris drew 20,000.

To say the least, Carlson is unimpressed with the golden boy from Texas.

But man, he was just born to run!

(Read Carlson’s whole op-ed here.)


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