Mueller's Strategic Decision to Provide No Conclusion on Obstruction Opened the Door to Future 'Ambushes'; Update: Letter Released

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Unable to conjure up a valid reason to build an obstruction of justice case against President Trump, but still needing to find a way to continue the charade, special counsel Robert Mueller muddied the waters. He deliberately left the interpretation of his non-conclusion to Attorney General William Barr which left the door open for Democrats to resurrect their bogus narrative at critical moments. As hunting season on the deep state approaches, be sure that these attempts will increase in number.


The Washington Post reported on Tuesday evening that Mueller had written a letter to Barr in late March stating that his four-page summary had failed to “fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of the report.

My colleague, Bonchie, pointed out that the newspaper had tried to conceal the fact that Mueller did not think Barr’s four page summary was inaccurate. He wrote, “Buried in the Post report and absent from the headline is this pretty important line way down in the body.”

“When Barr pressed him whether he thought Barr’s letter was inaccurate, Mueller said he did not, but felt that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation.”

To any rational person, that makes this a non-story.

It can only be described as an intentional attempt to distract from Barr’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

The National Review’s Andy McCarthy calls it “a neat trick by the Washington Post before hearings begin.”

Another diversion was Tuesday’s letter signed by twelve Democratic senators to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz requesting him to open an investigation into Barr’s handling of the report.

And it allows for stupidity like the tweet below from Joe Scarborough.


Knowing that he would be releasing the report shortly, why would Barr try to “cover up the truth” about its contents?

Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” and weighed in on the story. Asked by Laura Ingraham what he thought about the timing of the leaked letter, he replied,  “I suppose someone wanted to leak it to maximize the embarrassment to Barr and to set up the questions for the next two days.” Gingrich explained:

The ‘Deep State’ in Washington has played these games for the whole history of the country, this is not something new. Both Jefferson and Hamilton used to subsidize newspapers to attack each other while they were both serving in the President’s cabinet.

After all the noise you just shrug your shoulders and say, ‘so what?’ Mueller had every opportunity to come out the day that Barr released his letter. Mueller could have at any point decided to refute it and as I understand the actual key sentences, the distortion is by the news media. The distortion is not by Barr.

Think about this. The media that Mueller is complaining about are the people who are now using Mueller’s complaint to further distort what is going on. You couldn’t make this up.


In their desperation, the left continues to attack the one individual who holds the most power, which doesn’t strike me as a particularly smart strategy. They do so at their peril.

Barr has been around the block a time or two and knows how to handle himself in hostile environments.

The Democrats are behaving like puppies nipping at the ankles of their owner. The only difference is, puppies don’t know any better.

Update:  Here is a copy of the letter from Mueller to Barr.



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