Trump Decides The NY Times Will Have 'To Get Down On Their Knees & Beg For Forgiveness' And He Has A Message for CNN Too


Apparently, Trump had Paul Krugman and the New York Times on his mind this morning.

Krugman, an opinion writer for the newspaper, wrote a column entitled “The Great Republican Abdication: A party that no longer believes in American values.” You don’t have to read it to know what’s in it. It can be viewed here – although I don’t recommend it.


Understandably, after reading it, Trump felt the need to vent. So he took to twitter. Here is what he had to say.

Paul Krugman, of the Fake News New York Times, has lost all credibility, as has the Times itself, with his false and highly inaccurate writings on me. He is obsessed with hatred, just as others are obsessed with how stupid he is. He said Market would crash, Only Record Highs!

I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as they did after the 2016 Election. But this one will have to be a far bigger & better apology. On this one they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness-they are truly the Enemy of the People!

I will be going to Green Bay, Wisconsin, for a really big Rally on Saturday Evening. Big crowd expected, much to talk about. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

The Radical Left Democrats, together with their leaders in the Fake News Media, have gone totally insane! I guess that means that the Republican agenda is working. Stay tuned for more!

In the “old days” if you were President and you had a good economy, you were basically immune from criticism. Remember, “It’s the economy stupid.” Today I have, as President, perhaps the greatest economy in history…and to the Mainstream Media, it means NOTHING. But it will!


Trump also had a message for CNN:

The left has spent nearly three years demonizing Trump for colluding with Russia, and finally, Mueller’s long awaited report finds there was no collusion. However, in what Judicial Watch’ Tom Fitton calls “Mueller’s final act of abuse of power,” he left the door open on the question of obstruction of justice.

Mueller provided Democrats with a new narrative which will keep them going through the 2020 election.

Trump has been persecuted since he announced his candidacy.

Although the NY Times will never apologize, the least we can do is allow the President to vent.



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