Former Colleague Of James Clapper's: 'He Was An Idiot Then - He Is A More Severe Idiot Now'

Director of National Intelligence nominee James Clapper testifies during the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on his nomination on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 20, 2010. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


Following the release of the Mueller Report, the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explained a new term to CNN’s Anderson Cooper. I posted about it here.


Serial leaker and liar Clapper said:

I think, if there wasn’t active collusion proven, then I think what we have here is a case of passive collusion, where, in some cases, unwittingly — to include candidate Trump himself, who retweeted messages that had been planted by the Russians in social media, and so, that’s a small, but important example of how members of the campaign were used and manipulated by the Russians.

If none of you have ever heard of “passive collusion,” you are to be forgiven, because it doesn’t exist.

A former colleague of Clapper’s heard this remark and tweeted, “I know Jim Clapper – I’ve briefed Jim Clapper several times – he was an idiot then – he is a more severe idiot now.”

Here are some of the responses to Shaffer’s tweet. I’ll start with my personal favorite.

Know several who dealt with him and confirm.

Everyone I’ve talked to that knew him had the same opinion.

Says it all Tony. 👍


I’m running through the US Legal code right now and NO WHERE does it say “collusion” is a crime, be it active or passive. What the Hell is Clapper blathering about? The man should have his security clearance revoked immediately, and be barred from ever possessing one.

So, does Clapper have knowledge of the LAW that defines “passive collusion”? Or is this, too, another rhetoric game –like trying to alter the meaning of Nationalist?

These people are using the same terms they apply to spying and intelligence collection. If it wasn’t active then it must’ve been passive because they are certain, without any factual evidence, that it happened. Our intelligence community is so much better without him or Brennan.

Passive collusion, aka imaginary collusion.

Now we just make stuff up when we don’t like the outcome? WTH, man?

“Passive Collusion”?!?!
Let it go people.

Double Secret Collusion?”Passive collusion”? Interesting term. Is such a thing even POSSIBLE? I don’t think so, but let’s have a discussion, if you think it is. (HINT: I’ll win!)

What we have is a case of active meddling in a U.S. election by the nation’s secret police. The good news about Clapper is that he’s too dim a bulb to have thought it up or led it. Brennan did that.

Can’t wait for his testimony under oath.

Clapper’s ignorance persuaded him to drift to the wrong side of history and he will pay dearly for his decision to get involved.

Scary that this man lead an Intelligence Agency for Obama. But makes sense now seeing they did nothing about Russia under their watch.


James Clapper has got to be starting to panic as the conspiracy begins to unravel.

The media frenzy which followed the release of the Mueller Report is understandable. It was a milestone in the drama which has riveted the nation for almost three years, but the reality is there was nothing new in the report. The left can shift their narrative from collusion to obstruction and they can continue to spew their nonsense on cable television, but it won’t stop what’s coming.

James Clapper should be shopping around for a good lawyer instead of dispensing his legal wisdom on CNN.


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