Uh Oh! Creepy Joe Biden Photographed Sniffing Eva Longoria's Hair

Another blow for Joe Biden. At the same fundraiser where he allegedly “inhaled” Lucy Flores’ hair and planted a “big, slow kiss” on the back of her head, he apparently sniffed actress Eva Longoria’s hair. She can be seen in the photo below smiling a little awkwardly as Crazy Joe nestles his face in her hair.


My colleague, Sister Toldjah, posted Lucy Flores’ account yesterday. This morning I posted a list of similar encounters Biden has had over the years with other women here.

Zerohedge’s Tyler Durden reports that Biden’s odds of winning the Democratic presidential nomination according to PredictIt have dropped considerably since Flores’ article came out, putting him behind Bernie Sanders.”

Please see graph below.

Until now, Joe Biden has consistently led the Democratic field in nearly every survey. However, as photographs and videos of his predatory behavior continue to surface, his support appears to be declining.


In his two previous runs for the presidency, Biden always remained a marginal candidate. His frontrunner status in the 2020 Democratic primary (prior to the Lucy Flores story), might be attributed to his eight years as vice president or else it’s an indication of how weak the current field is. Or both.

Either way, these reminders of his creepy behavior aren’t helpful.



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