One of AG William Barr's First Decisions Suggests He Is 'No Jeff Sessions'; Here's What He Needs To Do Next

Christopher Steele, former British intelligence officer in London Tuesday March 7, 2017 where he has spoken to the media for the first time . Steele who compiled an explosive and unproven dossier on President Donald Trump’s purported activities in Russia has returned to work. Christopher Steele said Tuesday he is “really pleased” to be back at work in London after a prolonged period out of public view. He went into hiding in January. (Victoria Jones/PA via AP)

One America News’ Jack Posobiec reports that Mueller and several investigators from his team held a meeting with Attorney General William Barr and told him they hoped to extend the cooperation agreement they had established with General Michael Flynn which they believed would lead to a new indictment.


Barr was said to have asked them, “Do you have something ironclad that you want General Flynn to be cooperating on? Do you have something in terms of probable cause moving toward an indictment or is this just a fishing expedition?”

Posobiec said:

Mueller and Barr held a conversation and they later determined that what they [Mueller] had wasn’t quite enough. Now some of the prosecutors working under Mueller like Weissman, did want to push forward and ask for more cooperation, but Barr said it wasn’t enough. Therefore, Mueller released a statement saying that officially, for the first time, that General Flynn’s cooperation agreement has been ended.

Now this is a big indication that Barr is not Jeff Sessions or Rod Rosenstein. He is actually working with Mueller to reel in the investigation and move things on to their end.

Posobiec then discussed the new information from the transcripts of former FBI attorney Lisa Page’s closed-door testimony before Congress which was that the FBI had no evidence when they opened their counterintelligence investigation on July 31, 2016, and no evidence when Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to the Special Counsel. They had only the dossier.


Page told lawmakers that in addition to the dossier, they had one other source which she did not disclose. Posobiec said, “That other source we’ve learned from other sources was, in fact, John Brennan of the CIA, and he was referring back to Fusion GPS’s research and the information that later turned out to be the Steele dossier.”

John Brennan was one of the dossier’s earliest cheerleaders.

So, essentially, the still unverified opposition research commissioned by Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and prepared by Christopher Steele, triggered the FBI’s investigation. And similar to the FBI’s use of Michael Isikoff’s Yahoo News! story (Christopher Steele was Isikoff’s source, which makes this circular reporting) to corroborate the claims made in the dossier on their FISA Court application, the FBI used John Brennan’s information (which he had taken from the dossier) to corroborate the dossier to open Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

No document in history has received more mileage.

After nearly three years of investigations, it all boils down to a bogus document prepared at the request of one presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in an attempt to derail the campaign of her opponent. After that strategy failed and Trump won the race, the insurance policy went into effect and the document was used to delegitimize her enemy’s presidency.


Which brings us to the action that William Barr has not taken so far. He hasn’t initiated an investigation into Fusion GPS’s creation of the document that has literally changed the course of history.

Please Mr. Barr. Open an investigation so Americans can learn the truth.

Make America great again.


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