Is Deliverance Near for the President?

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, tired of waiting for documents to be “prepped” for release to the public, took bold action and released the unredacted transcripts of DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s testimony last week and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page on Tuesday. My colleague, Bonchie, posted the details last night.


Collins appeared on “Sean Hannity” last night and promised that he was methodically going through documents from the Judiciary Committee’s 2018 investigation and will be steadily releasing them to the public.

The most stunning new information to come from the Page transcript was pointed out by commentator Don Bongino, who was also a guest on the show. He said:

The big bombshell in Page’s testimony, as of May 2017, she said it still could have been literally nothing, the case against Trump, BUT they’d already sworn that they verified the information on the FISA.

Consider that for a minute. Page testified that the FBI had sworn they had verified a document which no one has been able to verify to this day. That’s pretty incriminating.

Following the hearings last year, the general consensus among Republican lawmakers was that both Ohr and Page had been truthful. A comparison of their testimonies indicates agreement on the key questions. However, there were some conflicts.

One difference was noted by investigative reporter Sara Carter, who has followed this story closely. When, precisely, did Page learn about the dossier? (The relevant segment begins at 16:45 in the video above.) Carter said:


Lisa Page says she didn’t know anything about the dossier in August 2016, but Bruce Ohr specifically states in his testimony that he went to visit Andrew McCabe at his office with information that had just been given to him by Christopher Steele on July 30th. So he goes to the office to meet with Andrew McCabe and, lo and behold, who’s there to meet with him is Lisa Page.

So, actually, he met with Lisa Page in July 2016. It was information that was given to him by Christopher Steele.

Now Lisa Page, obviously right now we’re seeing a lot of finger pointing. She’s pointing at the Justice Dept. They were in charge. They didn’t want us to move forward and I think that she’s being honest there, but the FBI was also heavily involved and as we have noted in past stories, from the top down, and the people that were involved in this and covering up as well for Hillary Clinton. And we see that with James Baker’s testimony.

Ohr testified that he immediately briefed then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Page about it, and specifically informed them that it was opposition research connected to the Clinton campaign and that Steele harbored intensely strong feelings against Trump. He also told them Steele was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected,” and he disclosed that his wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, which compiled the dossier. The FBI opened their counter-intelligence investigation, known as Crossfire Hurricane, the next day, July 31st.


So, the obvious question then becomes, knowing the origin of the dossier (because they had just been told by Bruce Ohr), why did the FBI use Clinton campaign opposition research as the basis for their October 2016 FISA Court application for the warrant to spy on Carter Page? And then use it again for three renewals?

Information about the conspiracy to destroy President Trump has come to us in small pieces over such a long period of time that we tend to forget just how much we already have. Clearly, there is a great deal we haven’t discovered yet, but let’s not minimize the work that’s already been done.

The point is that some participants, including Ohr, Page and Baker, have been forthcoming. And the small discrepancies between their stories offer opportunities for further questioning which will provide even more information. And all of that information can be used to question players such as Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and others who have been far less truthful. Many officials have provided Congressional testimony and have claimed they had no idea the dossier was connected to the Clinton campaign.

We are closer to the full truth than most people believe. I no longer believe that no one will be held accountable. Too much wrongdoing has already been uncovered.


Rep. Collins has said he plans to continue to release documents and each will allow us to fill in more of the blanks. Among other records, we need to see an unredacted copy of the FBI’s original FISA application as well as the renewals. Those alone, could crack this case wide open.

I believe that deliverance for the President is near.


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