This Gruesome Video Must Be Seen By Every Pro-Choicer

(Celebration of passage of Reproductive Health Act in New York State Assembly)

The Daily Wire’s Frank Camp posted the most shocking, stomach-turning, and callous video I’ve ever seen. It is a clip from a 2006 abortion documentary entitled “Lake of Fire” in which a doctor “pours the contents of a late-term abortion into a sifting tray in order to properly recover and examine the pieces.” He looks into the camera and explains how he must “piece back the tissue to make sure he has all the fragments.” At one point, he picks up the head, which is approximately the size of a golf ball.


The doctor has just performed a late-term abortion on a young woman and is pleased that he has been able to end her unwanted pregnancy so she can move on with her life. His comments follow.

The media attention is always directed at the fetus and the gory parts, if you will, of providing the procedure, when the really important thing is that we’ve been able to help this young lady get on with her life. She’s planning to go on to school, and she doesn’t have to take over the responsibilities of parenting. Here, in just a very few minutes, we’re able to facilitate her decision to not be a parent at this time.

The doctor explains that most abortions take place in the first trimester and that “only about 1%” occur late-term.

If you care to view the video, please click here. Please be aware that it is extremely graphic.

The point of bringing this video to your attention is that when pro-choicers discuss abortion, they do so from the perspective of the woman who chooses to end an unwanted pregnancy. No thought is given to the life that is being taken.

It’s quite easy to “forget” the gruesome details of the procedure. That is until you see the bloody, but unmistakable pieces of the fetus’s now dismembered body tossed carelessly into a sifting tray.

The image in this video struck me like a freight train, as I think it would most voters. A Gallup poll found that only 13% of Americans support late term abortion.


You wouldn’t know it by watching the above video of Democrats in the New York State Legislature welcoming the passage of the Reproductive Health Act with cheers and applause two weeks ago. Previously, abortions beyond 24 weeks of pregnancy were illegal in the state unless the life of the mother was in danger. The RHA both expands and protects abortion rights. The legislation “also moves abortion statutes out of the penal code, codifying the right to an abortion in the state’s health laws in case the federal government were to prohibit abortion.”

Wearing a pink tie, New York’s Governor Cuomo was said to be “exultant” as he signed the legislation.

In fact, the governor was so proud, he lit up the top of One World Trade Center in pink to celebrate.

Feminist Gloria Steinem released a statement which said:

A woman’s power to decide whether she will give birth or not is the single greatest determinant of whether she is healthy or not, educated or not, works outside the home or not, and how long she will live. This power has been taken away by patriarchy and racism, sometimes disguised as religion, yet it is our most basic democratic right.

I’m thankful to Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislature for passing the Reproductive Health Act. It will codify Roe v. Wade in New York State law, guarantee women’s right to make decisions about our own bodies, and help create a future in which every child has the right to be born loved and wanted. (Emphasis mine.)


Or killed if they are not loved and wanted, right Gloria?

Republicans need to spotlight the macabre reality of abortion, especially late term abortion, and tie it around Democrats’ necks. This is what a late-term abortion looks like. This is what Democrats stand for. Not only do they condone it, they fight for it and they celebrate it.

This will not be a winning issue for them. 


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