As Evidence of FBI Corruption Grows, Democrats Dive Even Deeper Into Denial

Despite the evidence of blatant departures from standard DOJ/FBI protocol on the part of so many top level officials from James Comey, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr and countless others, it is breathtaking the left still pretends/believes that President Trump is the criminal.


The segment above opens with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ interview of Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA).

Matthews asks, “What would account for Trump’s kowtowing, his toadying to Putin except that Putin’s got something on him that would account for it?

Speier doesn’t miss a beat. “It’s kompromat.” Of course, it has to be. Because the honorable and discerning Congresswoman tells us so. She knows this.

Matthews tells his panel guests about a Kevin Costner movie called “One Way Out.” His comments begin at 4:55 in the video above.

At the end of the movie, he turns out to be the agent. He’s speaking to us in fluent Russian. I sometimes think we’re getting near that. You know, I sometimes think that Trump is going to start talking to us in Russian. (laughter)

It gets worse. Matthews is sure Trump is guilty because he “trashes the people going after him” and “doesn’t act in a way, it seems to me…most normal people do if they’re accused.” Matthews thinks Trump, if he were innocent, would have responded differently.” Matthews’ “proof” starts at 3:45 in the video.

If you’re accused of being a foreign agent against this country, your reaction would be, I would think, personal. And you would begin to say, let me explain to people who are actually listening to me, I was trying to cut a deal with the Russians. I wasn’t going to be knee-jerk, restarting the Cold War…


Are ya kidding me Chris? Have they lost their collective minds?

After 2 1/2 years of rigorous investigations, no one has found a shred of evidence tying Trump to Russia. But Matthews says that Trump’s anger is proof of his guilt. Kind of like how now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s anger was proof of his guilt, huh Chris?


On the other hand, the evidence against members of the Deep State is vast and is growing.

The New York Times reported on Friday that the FBI opened an investigation to determine whether Trump was working directly for Russia. Hannity said, seeking redemption for Trump’s firing of James Comey and filled with hatred and blind rage, “they did this without a shred of evidence, zero probable cause, zero proof of collusion…They opened an investigation into whether Russia directed the President to fire their beloved director, James Comey.” Hannity details the accusations in his opening monologue above.

Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) said “In May 2017, political bias infected senior FBI leadership, and emotion – not evidence – drove their decision making.”

He added, “FBI leadership could not accept that James Comey was fired for cause and the President had Constitutional authority to terminate Comey.”

This was an egregious abuse of power. It’s the form of tyranny one would expect from an authoritarian regime. Except this happened in America, the land of the free.


What motivated FBI leadership to open a second investigation after Trump fired Comey? According to Fox News’ legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, the answer is vengeance. He explains:

Dishonesty and corruption are endemic at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The latest proof comes in a New York Times report that the FBI initiated an investigation in May of 2017 into whether President Donald Trump was serving as a covert Russian agent. The accusation itself was ludicrous on its face. But from a legal standpoint, the FBI’s probe constituted an egregious abuse of power. The Bureau had no probable cause, no evidence, and no reasonable suspicions. They investigated Trump because they could. They defied the law, ignored or perverted facts, and debased the integrity of a heretofore-respected law enforcement agency.

Why did these rogue officials commit such an outrageous act of malfeasance? In a word, vengeance. Already incensed that Trump had defeated their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, they grew furious when the president fired Director James Comey on May 9, 2017. In reaction, they sought retribution. What better way to avenge Comey’s firing than to launch a counterintelligence investigation of Trump under the false pretense that he committed treasonous acts for the benefit of the Kremlin and at the direction of President Vladimir Putin. Absent credible proof, information could be manipulated to frame Trump while a compliant media would gobble up the leaks and report the damaging charge. The election results could then be undone when the president was driven from office.


Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page admitted in testimony last summer before House investigators that the FBI had no evidence to support opening a counter-intelligence investigation of Trump in July 2016. Nor did they have any evidence in May 2017 when Mueller opened his special counsel probe. (The Epoch Times’ Jeff Carlson received a transcript of Page’s testimony which can be viewed here, along with his remarks. It is rather lengthy, and there was little new information, in my opinion, except that Page said it was “atypical” for Hillary Clinton to have been allowed to have Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, both fact witnesses, attend the FBI’s interview as her attorneys.)

In December, we learned that Mueller’s team “lost” over 19,000 text messages sent between Page and Peter Strzok from their time on the special counsel probe, messages which likely contained evidence that was damaging, incriminating and/or embarrassing to their investigation. I call that obstruction of justice.

Although the evidence revealed by Congressional Republican investigators was delivered to us at a frustratingly slow pace over the last year, added up, it proves that the left was engaged in a deliberate, coordinated plot to destroy Donald Trump.

Consider how many of them have already been discredited. (The Epoch Times’ Seamus Bruner compiled a list of 25 top DOJ/FBI officials who have been fired, demoted or retired since the conspiracy has started to unravel which can be seen here.)


More frustrating still is the fact that Trump has the power to discredit so many of them if he would only release the pertinent classified documents. Yet, he waits for Robert Mueller to release his report which could come next month or in six months.

The good news is that soon there will be a new sheriff at the DOJ who will upset the current balance of power.

Jarrett concluded his op-ed with the following statement. “When the people we entrust to enforce the law become the lawbreakers, they must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”



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