Time To Shine The Spotlight on the Malevolent Mr. Mueller

As the Mueller Probe enters its twentieth month without having produced any evidence of the collusion it was set up to investigate, it’s time to ask Mr. Mueller to lay his cards on the table. The Democrats have used this investigation and its precursor, the FBI’s counter-intelligence probe, to cast suspicion on and to delegitimize the Trump administration for over two years now.


The most recent example was Mueller’s attempt to create the public perception that he was about to ensnare the President. An entire floor of the U.S. Courthouse in Washington was closed off to reporters leading many to believe Mueller was trying to subpoena the President. His target was actually a foreign corporation, however, the Mueller team took no actions to discourage the original impression.

Although Trump has tweeted about his anger and frustration over the never-ending investigation, he has not interfered with it. But the time for patience is over. It’s gone on for far too long with no results other than process crimes which have occurred over the course of the investigation.

The evidence, slowly but steadily revealed by Congressional committees over the last year, tells us that the investigation itself was bogus from the start.

The American Thinker’s Bryce Buchanan asks if the investigations are, in fact, the cover-up? “What if the investigations are carefully structured to protect criminal actions rather than expose them? What if the investigations are actually being used to hide evidence from the citizenry?” It sure appears that way.

There is so much evidence of wrongdoing, much of it criminal, by the top leadership of the DOJ and the FBI that has been ignored, while everyone associated with Trump has been placed under a microscope. And this double-standard, this two-tier system of justice is going to perpetuate for as long as Republicans are willing to allow it to stand.


Following a contentious closed-door hearing before Congress, a very condescending James Comey tells reporters “they’re still asking about Hillary Clinton’s emails, for heaven’s sake.” For heaven’s sake? The Director of the FBI wrote a letter exonerating the subject of an investigation two months before even interviewing her and he says “for heaven’s sake?”

Comey, who portrays himself as what I call a “virtuous victim,” is guilty of a long series of misdeeds. His failure to reveal the origins of the Steele Dossier during his briefing to the President-elect (which would have made a material difference in Trump’s handling of it) was the ultimate act of disloyalty. It showed Comey to be a part of the conspiracy rather than a loyal FBI Director eager to serve the incoming President.

Comey claims he was not aware of the origins of the dossier. He was the FBI Director for goodness sake. But for him to admit this would mean that the FBI had deliberately misled the FISA Court in their application for a warrant to spy on Carter Page which allowed them to spy on Trump. Without the “evidence” contained in the dossier, the FBI would never have been issued a warrant.

Once Trump had been briefed, a government official (believed to be Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper) leaked this information to a waiting CNN reporter, which gave them the green light to run the story.


In the meantime, Comey used the confusion of the first few days of the Trump administration to skirt the regular protocol used to gain access to senior White House officials. He knowingly took advantage of Michael Flynn’s openness and willingness to speak to his new “peers” at the FBI to catch him in a lie.

Then, after Comey was fired, he gave classified information to his friend, and told him to leak it to the press.

The question that needs to be asked of each of the players in this drama is, “Precisely, what actual evidence led you to believe that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians to steal the election?”

Former FBI lawyer and paramour of agent Peter Strzok testified this summer before Congress that the FBI did not have evidence of collusion when they opened their counter-intelligence investigation in July 2016. Nor was she aware of any additional evidence they had when the Mueller investigation began in May 2017. Would they really investigate a President because he told his FBI Director, according to his notes from a meeting, to drop the Michael Flynn probe?

We need better answers than that.

Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked in March to appoint a special counsel to investigate the alleged abuse of power at the DOJ and the FBI. Instead, the feckless Sessions appointed US Attorney John Huber of Utah to determine “whether any matters merit the appointment of a special counsel.” Sessions said “DOJ regulations stipulate that a special counsel appointment should be reserved for only the most “extraordinary circumstances.”


If the situation doesn’t “justify such a departure from the normal processes of the Department,” Sessions said the guidelines allow the attorney general to make alternative arrangements that would sufficiently “mitigate any conflicts of interest.”

When the Democrats requested a special investigation for grossly inadequate reasons, the highly conflicted Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed a special counsel immediately. The American people need to know what ” most extraordinary circumstances” were present in May 2017 that were not present in March 2018. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked by Congressional Republicans to open a special investigation, which was clearly warranted after the revelations in the Nunes memo became public, he resisted. Instead, he turned the decision over to Mr. Huber, who has so far been inconsequential.

Trump has essentially been operating without an Attorney General for the past two years. This has been a real handicap. When a new, hopefully loyal Attorney General takes office shortly, likely William Barr, things will change.

Barr, who has openly voiced his criticism of the Mueller investigation, will demand answers from Mueller that the spineless Rod Rosenstein, who views Mueller as a mentor, has refused to ask. We all know there was never any evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians. Barr will order a status report from Mueller. He will look at the original scope of the investigation, narrow it and hopefully conclude it soon. In short, he will provide some necessary leadership in an organization which has become almost synonymous with the Deep State.


Once Barr is able to examine the actions of the Mueller team, he may (probably will) find it necessary to appoint a special counsel of his own – to investigate their misconduct. This will come as no surprise to those of us who have followed the story. And Trump, unencumbered by the burden the Mueller investigation has become, can return to the business of governing the country, the job for which he was duly elected.




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