'Fool on the Hill' Kamala Harris Keeps On Showing Us Why She'll Never Become President

Kamala Harris was positively dripping with condescension as she questioned Ronald Vitiello, Trump’s nominee for Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), at Thursday’s Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee confirmation hearing.


Three years ago, Vitiello sent out a tweet in which he described the Democratic Party as “liberalcratic or neo Klanish,” As every public appearance for Harris is now an opportunity for her to “audition” for her planned presidential run, she made the most of her opportunity to question Vitiello. First, she shamed him and asked him how his remark must have made some people feel, much as a parent would shame their child if he or she had bullied another student at school. Then she asked him if he realized remarks like his simply added to the [negative] perception many people have of ICE. She pursued this line of questioning  for several minutes, repeating the same question over and over and interrupting Vitiello when he refused to agree with her. Harris ultimately concluded by comparing ICE to the Ku Klux Klan. Specifically, she “compared contemporary public perceptions of ICE to the way in which the American public perceived the KKK in the early part of the 20th century.” It was this conclusion that was widely panned by so many and what led Fox News to call her “The Fool on the Hill.”

Please watch the clip above to give you an idea of just how arrogant her performance really was. With her chin resting on her hand, she tried to humiliate this man much like she tried to do to Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing. The smugness of her facial expressions and the scornful tone of her voice communicated both her feeling of superiority and her complete disdain for Vitiello.


HARRIS: Why would we call them [KKK] a domestic terrorist group?

VITELLO: Because they tried to use fear and force to change a political environment.

HARRIS: And what was the motivation for the use of fear and force?

VITELLO: It’s based on race and ethnicity.

HARRIS: Right. Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion at ICE is being used to enforce the laws, and do you see any parallels?

VITELLO: I do not see any parallels between —

HARRIS: I’m talking about perception.

VITELLO: — officers and agents —

HARRIS: I’m talking about perception.

VITELLO: I do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to enforcing the law —

HARRIS: Are you aware that there’s a perception —

VITELLO: I see no perception —

HARRIS: Are you aware that there’s a perception?

VITELLO: — that puts ICE in the same category as the KKK. Is that what you’re asking me?

Should we go through life worrying about the “perception” others will have of us if we make a certain choice? The fact is that every group of people will have a different perception of any one person or organization. And not everyone’s will be positive. Should ICE have to worry about how they will be perceived by others as they work to enforce US immigration law? Does Kamala Harris worry how her questioning of Kavanaugh was perceived by half of America?

Rush Limbaugh discussed this issue on his radio show yesterday, answering the question for Vitiello.


Yeah. It is. Are you aware of the perception? Perception to who? Her lunatic base. Are you aware there’s a perception out there that ICE is in the same category as the KKK, the Ku Klux Klan! Now, this woman believes this. Do not think that she is just articulating for her base and that she is just pontificating trying to get her base revved up. She believes this. They all do.

And it’s not just ICE. These are the same people, Black Lives Matter, the cops are guilty of this or that. There is an all-out assault on the vestiges of law and order on the premise that law and order is only for the benefit of white males, the patriarchy. And women who sign up with ’em, i.e., marry them, women who sell out to the patriarchy, white women and white men, predominantly white Christians, especially if they’re Irish. You know how the Irish and cops are, ha-ha-ha, then you wink, nod.

All of this is the modern equivalent of the KKK. Why? Why, they’re pursuing people of color and they’re calling them illegal simply ’cause they want a better life, they’re sneaking into the United States. So here you have a woman that’s literally advocating for this dilution, this watering down, this assault on the country, and now attacking law enforcement as something akin to the KKK because they seek to enforce the law. So she kept going with this. Are you aware of the perception? Imagine this.

HARRIS: Are you aware of a perception that the way that the discretion —


VITELLO: I see no parallel.

HARRIS: I’m not finished.

VITELLO: I see none.

HARRIS: I’m not finished. I’m not finished. Are you aware that there’s a perception that ICE is administering its power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation, particularly among immigrants, and specifically among immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America? Are you aware of that perception?

VITELLO: I do not see a parallel between the power and the authority that ICE has to do its job and agents and officers who do it professionally and excellently with lots of compassion.

Limbaugh added:

Can you imagine living with a woman like this? This is what animates her, informs her every day. We need to be concerned about the impressions, the perceptions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America that they think you people in ICE are the KKK. Do they even know what the KKK was? So we’re supposed to be aware of their perception? Are you aware that illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America hate you? So what? What does that have to do with enforcing the law?

Why is she criticizing this man over the perception American liberals and illegal immigrants may have toward ICE as the agency works to enforce our laws? The majority of Americans do not believe in open borders. Even many Democrats realize that ICE performs a necessary service. Certainly, they would like to see some changes made, but very few Americans believe that ICE should be abolished.


Obviously, Harris believes her grandstanding makes her appear savvy, powerful and even ruthless at times. And savvy, powerful and ruthless can be desirable traits for a presidential candidate – at the appropriate time. But it’s also important for a candidate to be able to connect with the average American.

Donald Trump has the ability to connect with people. The overflowing crowds he attracts at his rallies proves it. He acts like a regular guy. You can see yourself going out for a beer with him. The same could be said of Barack Obama or George W. Bush. But I would almost rather have a root canal than spend an hour with Harris.

She humiliated herself with her spectacle at yesterday’s hearing just as she did at Kavanaugh’s hearing. Her b**** on wheels act is already wearing thin and it will alienate her from voters across the country. Obviously, she’s an accomplished, intelligent woman. But California is not a microcosm of America. Thank God.





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