The Schadenfreude Is Strong with This One

You know it.  I know it.  Everyone with a brain knew it.

#NeverTrump was right all along.

We warned, we argued, and we debated.  We shouted from the mountain tops to anyone who would listen.  Trump is a fraud, a con man, and a moral cripple.  He is an ignorant bigot who would lose an election Republicans have every expectation to easily win.  He is mentally unbalanced. He is unfit for office.  He would drag the rest of the party down with him, costing us majorities in Congress, state houses across the country, and several seats on the Supreme Court. Trump was the worst possible Republican nominee for president, and perhaps the only candidate Hillary could defeat.

But Trump supporters didn’t believe us – or they didn’t care. They smeared good men like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush.  Anyone who opposed Trump was a  GOPe shill. They posted memes with Trump in a Nazi SS uniform, grinning as his opponents die in concentration camp ovens.  They called us “cucks” and  race traitors.  They accused us of being closet Hillary supporters.

Trump himself demeaned the office of the president before he came anywhere near it.  He invented childish nicknames for his opponents.  He mocked a handicapped reporter.  He insulted prisoners of war.  He encouraged violence at his rallies.  He insinuated gun owners should exercise their second amendment rights against Clinton.  He threatened reporters who reported “not nice” things about him.  He threw juvenile temper tantrums in late night Twitter rants.  He blustered, shouted, spit into microphones, and lied.  He tainted everyone who came near him as he ran for the most powerful position on Earth with less preparation than most of us would put into buying a car.

Just a few short months ago, members of #NeverTrump were threatened and bullied at the convention.  Trump supporters made death threats against their families.  Delegates who opposed Trump were shut out by the Republican Party itself and denied the opportunity to vote their conscience.  As little as three weeks ago, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus threatened any public office holder seeking re-election who had not vowed public fealty to the deranged orange cheeto god.

This weekend, the bottom fell out of the Trump campaign.  This is an epic fail, the likes of which is rarely seen, at least not on this level.  The Republican party owns this disaster.  So do Trump’s supporters.  They were warned by good people who care about this country and its future.  Those warnings fell on deaf ears.

So excuse me if I enjoy this.  Excuse me if I dance on Trump’s political grave.  Excuse me if I laugh as Republicans scatter from Trump like cockroaches.  Excuse me for taking satisfaction from this unfolding nightmare.  Excuse me if I gloat, mock, and remind all of them “we told you so.”  I know it’s unproductive.  I know it’s beneath me.  But, then again, so is this election.  It’s beneath all of us.

There are many injustices in this world.  We see them every day.  But sometimes…sometimes…people get exactly what they deserve.  This is one of those times.

I know we have a lot  of work to do in the future, but for now I’m breaking out the nachos and the beer.  Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party do not deserve my sympathy…and watching them get their just deserts is just too good.  And I want to taste the sweet, salty tears.

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