Ohio Democrat Marcia Fudge Endorsed Yet Another Woman Beating Judge

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge has put her stamp of approval on yet another man with a criminal record of violent altercations with a woman.

Fudge previously advocated for a light sentence for Judge Lance Mason after he severely beat his then wife Aisha. Last year, Mason went on to kill his ex-wife in front of their children. Now, Fudge is promoting Joe Russo, another Democrat judge who has been convicted as a result of violent attacks on his girlfriend.


In this #MeToo era, Fudge and the Cuyahoga Democratic Party have endorsed Judge Joe Russo in his campaign to become a Cleveland Municipal Judge. Russo was a Juvenile Court Judge at the time he beat his girlfriend in both 2006 and 2007.

Russo took plea deals in the beatings which lessened the charges. Typically, Fudge and the local Democratic Party would be screaming about “white privilege” but since Russo has a D beside his name he earned a pass and an endorsement.

Most judges should want people to take responsibility for their actions. Instead, Russo blames these beatings on the fact that he was drunk. Alcohol is no excuse to beat someone, but that message has been apparently lost on Fudge and the Cuyahoga Democrats who simply want their party to control this seat on the bench.

From Cleveland.com:

He was twice convicted of disorderly conduct stemming from drunken fights with a girlfriend, once in 2006 and again in 2007. The Ohio Supreme Court in 2010 said he violated the Code of Judicial Conduct for these incidents and suspended his law license for a year. But the court offered him a break by staying the suspension and allowing him to remain on the bench as long as he continued his alcohol treatment.

Fudge already has a body count among those she throws her support around. Now, she’s done it again. Lance Mason essentially made his two daughters orphans when he killed their mother in front of them. He hopefully will rot in jail, but Fudge still hasn’t learned that lesson.

“Lance accepts full responsibility for his actions and has assured me that something like this will never happen again,” Fudge wrote in her successful attempt for Mason to get a slap on the wrist after he beat his then wife who he murdered last year. “[He] is a good man who made a very bad mistake.”


Ironically, the body cam video of Mason’s arrest last year was released yesterday. Cleveland media has failed to draw the correlation between this and Fudge’s endorsement of Russo in Tuesday’s election.


Russo is challenging incumbent Judge Marilyn Cassidy. As a Republican, she is being targeted heavily by the Cuyahoga Democrats including Fudge. Ironically, Russo is using Cassidy’s 2001 DUI against her in his literature. What he fails to mention is that he also has a DUI but it is much more recent than Cassidy’s.

Cassidy has used her battle with alcohol in a positive way and does not shy away from it. She wants others to learn from her mistakes while Russo uses alcohol as a way to excuse his abuse of a woman.





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