Kasich Tweets Cringeworthy Yoga Video In Quest For Relevance


John Kasich appears to be having an identity crisis since his reign as Ohio Governor ended. He has been touring the country for several years pretending to be a nice man, but since he is no longer surrounded by his taxpayer funded handlers, he keeps fumbling.


This weekend, the son of a mailman took to Twitter to inform the kids that he is now taking yoga. He wants us to know that he’s trying to stay young and is increasing his flexibility in his quest for relevance.

Kasich is beyond the typical age of having a midlife crisis, so it’s likely that he thought this was some great way of promoting himself to voters. Taking yoga taught him that “change is really good,” the twice failed presidential candidate pleaded with the camera in the tweeted video below. The only way he could make it weirder is if he stole a cue from Elizabeth Warren and cracked a beer at the end.

Namaste, John, namaste……..



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