I'm A Conservative And Here's Why I Want Sherrod Brown To Run For President

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There has been much chatter about Sherrod Brown running for President after the 2018 midterms. The same voters that returned Republicans to all branches of Ohio government sent Sherrod back to the US Senate. There is a reason for that and it’s not likely to work for Brown if he choses to throw his hat into the ring.

Brown appears to be listening to the activists that are pushing him towards a White House run. The raspy voiced Senator even recently got what some refer to as a Presidential haircut. He lost his signature sloppy, uncombed locks for a short style.


Many Ohio Democrats believe Brown is a wise choice for 2020 because he carries so many blue collar voters who have defected to Republicans in other races. He has been able to portray himself as a fighter for the working man while voting against their best interest and in lock step with his fellow leftists like Elizabeth Warren.

Sherrod has gotten a pass in each of his elections. In 2006, he rode into the Senate in a massive blue wave. 2012 was a Presidential year that allowed Brown to ride on Barack Obama’s coattails. Brown dodged a bullet in 2018. Republican Josh Mandel, who faced off against Brown six years earlier, exited the race when his wife got ill. Congressman Jim Renacci stepped up to fill the void, but simply didn’t have enough time to launch a credible campaign. Likely because of the time crunch, the NRSC didn’t engage financially. Brown had an avalanche of campaign cash while his opponent was poorly funded.

Brown spent over $27 million while Renacci’s campaign resources were less than $5 million. Even with this sizable advantage, the leftwing Senator wasn’t able to attain a double digit win. The Democrat got 53.4%, besting Renacci’s 46.6%. The Republican very well could have won if he had even half as much money was Brown.

Sherrod Brown has been able to get away with looking like a moderate to Ohio voters while voting on the far left part of the spectrum. He has succeeded in this because the press gives him an assist and a pass.

His wife is far left columnist Connie Schultz. She likes to lash out at white male politicians while being married to one. She is praised and revered by many journalists for her sometimes extremist leftwing views, so Sherrod’s campaign rhetoric and voting history don’t get dissected in the media during campaign season.

In a crowded Democratic field, if Brown is a credible candidate he would likely face opposition research. He also would have to highlight his extremist points of view to win the nomination. This could cause his house of cards to fall down back home. If those unsuspecting Ohio voters realize that Brown is selling them out in DC for extreme environmental causes among other things, he very well might have a hard time in his 2024 re-election.

Entering the Democratic presidential primary could give Sherrod Brown the scrutiny that he has lacked in his three Senatorial campaigns. The media has failed to give him the research enema that other candidates typically receive. But, his Democratic challengers likely won’t be so gentle and might leave him at risk.

If he runs for President, he’s likely to lose as he doesn’t have that flashy personality that would be required to derail Donald Trump. The sunshine that would expose Sherrod’s extremist views might be enough to burn him with voters and send him home for good.

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