The Gross Double Standard In Clowngate

While Clowngate rages, St. Louis City Treasurer made a racially-charged, offensive remark via Twitter about those who disagree with President Obama.

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Jones then spent working hours on Monday arguing with those who objected to the remark.


When pressed by my staff about said remark, St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay’s office replied that he will not comment, other than to say that Jones “is entitled to her opinion.”

Missouri’s Lt. Governor Peter Kinder said today on my program that he was “disappointed” in Jones’s remark and would “like to see an apology.”

So a taxpayer-funded city official is entitled to her opinion but a rodeo clown at a tax-payer supported fair is not. In Missouri an elected official can clown the people whom she represents but a rodeo clown can’t clown Obama.

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