It Isn't About A Clown: Missouri's History Of Attacking Dissent

Missouri has a history of persecuting its residents for disagreement with Barack Obama. Clowngate isn’t the first assault against free speech. Let’s review.


1) During the 2008 elections St. Louis prosecutors and sheriffs formed the “Obama Truth Squad.”

Prosecutors and sheriffs from across Missouri are joining something called the “Barack Obama Truth Squad.” Two high-profile prosecutors are part of the team. We met them this afternoon in the Central West this afternoon. They are Jennifer Joyce of the city (and) Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney. They will be reminding voters that Barack Obama is a Christian, who wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year. They also say they plan to respond immediately to any ads and statements that might violate Missouri ethics laws.

People with the power to take legal action against, or arrest, anyone who may criticize then-candidate Barack Obama were “reminding” voters to not criticize the candidate for fear of retribution.

2) Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s named topped the MIAC report which listed tea partiers, libertarians, and anyone who flies a Gadsden Flag as potential domestic terrorists.

3) Media, Democrats supported and fundraised the attackers of Kenneth Gladney for being profiled as a black conservative selling tea party merchandise at a Democrat town hall. The NAACP slurred him at a public event. I was actually present at this event and witnessed then-congressman Russ Carnahan’s volunteers taunting Gladney in front of us by yelling “black man” at him as we stood in line. No one actually knows if Gladney is a conservative; I first saw him when he was selling pro-Obama merchandise at a rally months prior. He was an entrepreneur who was profiled. Media was silent, unions bought big money attorneys and there was a trial with a jury for what the city dumbed-down to an “ordinance violation.”


4) Larry Conners was fired from KMOV for questioning President Obama’s handling of the IRS scandal on Facebook — months after he took intense heat for his hard-hitting interview with the President.

With treatment of political dissenters such as this, it’s a wonder hundreds of thousands have left St. Louis City for more tolerant, outlying areas.

Make no mistake: Clowngate isn’t about a clown. It’s one of many examples of this administration and its surrogates attacking free speech.

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