Missouri Bans Satire

Drone him like we droned Americans overseas!
Drone him like we droned Americans overseas!

Sunday I wrote about how Tuffy the Clown, who clearly should be droned, wore an Obama mask at the rodeo. Because it wasn’t a Bush mask he was banned for life and all future clowns must now go through Clown Sensitivity Training. You think I’m making this up.


The fair also said if the association is to ever sponsor a rodeo again, it must first show proof that “all officials and subcontractors … have successfully participated in sensitivity training.”

Missouri isn’t the first to ban satire. While it will get you smeared by the media as a racist (unless it’s a Bush mask, cheering Bush’s assassination on public airwaves, or you’re a member of Occupy), American anti-satirists stop short of making it an arrest-able offense, as in other tyrannical countries. Well, except for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

In Venezuela, woman arrested for mocking Chavez
advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/2013/03/14/ven… #MoStateFair

Satirist arrested in Egypt for mocking president:
news.xinhuanet.com/english/world/… #MoStateFair

Chinese civil servant arrested after mocking politician:
theguardian.com/world/2012/jun… #MoStateFair

Ai Weiwei arrested for mocking Chinese rulers:
theweek.com/article/index/… #MoStateFair

Don’t forget this Russian punk band arrested for mocking Putin:
news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/… #MoStateFair

Rodeo bans clown for life after mocking Obama:
thecourierexpress.com/news/national/… #MoStateFair

Iranian satirists arrested for mocking rulers:
observers.france24.com/content/201306… #MoStateFair

Man arrested in Malaysia for mocking former king:
huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/23/mal… #MoStateFair

Indian cartoonist arrested for mocking rulers:
thenational.ae/news/world/sou… #MoStateFair

Jadavpur professor arrested for mocking politician:
asiantribune.com/news/2012/04/1… #MoStateFair

Interesting. In every tyrannical nation, people are banned from mocking leaders, as highlighted by previous Tweets.


Comedy, satire, related forms of humor is the last holdout of free speech.

No longer. Embarrassing, indeed.


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