Democrats: Filner Magically Cured Of The Pervs In Less Than Two Weeks

Bob Filner has emerged early from the therapy it’s claimed he went to after his raging case of Pervs was cured, say Democrats.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner’s chief of staff confirmed to 10News that the mayor began his therapy a week early and has already completed the program.

On Friday afternoon, Chief of Staff Lee Burdick told 10News reporter Allison Ash that Filner began his two weeks of “intensive” therapy one week earlier due to “intense media coverage.”


Democrats would like for you to believe that two weeks of therapy cured years of repeated sexual harassment. I looked for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of Filner but was unable to find any. I did, however, come across Pelosi demanding not to be associated with Filner:

During a Thursday roundtable with reporters, Pelosi was touting a new Democratic push on women’s economic success when a reporter mentioned the allegations against Filner, now the mayor of San Diego, describing him as someone who Pelosi used to work with. Indeed, he and Pelosi were founding members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

“Don’t identify him as my former colleague,” Pelosi shot back with an agitated look.

Yes, Filner is the father of House progressives. Impressive roots.

Meanwhile, the extent that Democrats went to suppress concerns over Filner from within their own party have come to light:

“I blew the whistle on this two years ago to the Democratic Party leadership,” former Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña said.

Saldaña said that in summer 2011 six prominent women in local politics, business and education told her that Filner had physically or verbally harassed them. Saldaña had been exploring what turned out to be an unsuccessful bid for Congress and the conversations came in the context of the 2012 elections.

Saldaña said she contacted former party Chairman Jess Durfee with the allegations and Durfee was among a group of Democratic leaders who met with Filner to discuss them that summer. She said nothing happened.

“As disgraceful as Bob’s behavior has been, it’s been tolerated by our Democratic Party leadership,” she said.


Party leaders, she said, made it clear that if people didn’t support Filner they wouldn’t receive their support again.


Yes, Democrats who didn’t support Filner were themselves threatened with loss of support by the party.

What’s a little grabass and chin-drooling so long as there is a Democrat in the seat, AMIRITE?*

Busby responded to tell me that party leaders looked at Filner’s 30-year record of advocating for progressive causes when evaluating him as a candidate for mayor. Discussions involving Filner’s poor treatment of women never rose above rumor, she said.

The man has a 30-year-record of advocating for progressive causes! He founded modern-day progressivism, for crying out loud. Overlook his victims for this, they seem to say, some of whom were rape-surviving female veterans.

Two women military veterans who were victims of sex assault while they were in service are publicly speaking out about how San Diego Mayor Bob Filner made inappropriate advances towards them, CNN reported Wednesday.

Speaking of which, advocate for this issue, Kirsten Gillibrand, has also disappeared from condemning Filner.

But “binders full of women” is way worse.

*This Tweet made MotherJones’s AJ Vicens — Tweet, not Filner’s behavior or concern for the victims, but rather, my Tweet about it — uncomfortable. I know, WOW, right?

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 8.28.33 PM
Threatening party whistleblowers with loss of party support if they dared walk away from Filner is completely not like endorsing his behavior so long as it comes with the guarantee of progressive dominance.


BONUS: The husband of Democrats’s likely 2016 candidate gave Filner his thumbs up.

This isn’t a “war on women.” This is armageddon for women.



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