"Hail Satan!" Another Reason Why I Left The Left

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While singing hymns outside the Texas state capitol pro-infant genocide demonstrators screamed “hail Satan” and angry invectives at pro-child demonstrators. Click the image for the video:


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The story:

It’s been a very interesting day at the Texas State Capitol.  Cahnman’s Musings hasn’t been following the hearing.  Instead, we’ve been participating in the surrounding events.  LetTexasSpeak has been doing a live broadcast from the rotunda where women have been sharing their abortion related testimonies.  The pro-abortion crowd has responded with repeated chants of “hail Satan.”  It’s taken us all day to get a video recording, but here it is.

I don’t understand these progressive women, and I used to be one of them. I don’t understand the desire to place choice after conception. I don’t understand the opposition to high standards of care in abortion mills if your argument is predicated upon “making abortions safe for women.” I don’t understand how women can wear the logos and hold placards for abortion groups that lobbied for fewer restrictions on abortion mills, resulting in appalling conditions like what was found in butcher Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors. I don’t understand these women’s mantra of “empowerment” when they seek to disempower younger women, viable women, simply due to age. This hot mess of hypocrisy, contradictions, irony, and screeching makes me wonder how on earth I ever, for one second, thought that these women represented my interests or the best interests of mothers, daughters, sisters, or girlfriends. Other women aren’t buying it, either. Davis hoped to climb up the dead baby ladder to political stardom, but after these events, polls show that women stand firmly behind Perry, not Davis. Let’s see: one stands for all women, the other only stands for women of a certain age. It’s not a difficult decision.


Sadly, for their modesty, the moronic display in the video does nothing to promote the interests pro-infant genociders claim. Even contrived shock used in protest is for the purpose of arresting attention and progressing an issue forward. The actions of these women come nowhere close to accomplishing this. I oddly appreciate their behavior. I’m glad someone is out there in such a Victorian freakshow fashion, showing how ugly it is to justify murder. It’s a selfish action on the alter of convenience. That’s what I learned from their behavior as a teenager. It’s likely that many other women can say the same.

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