Sarah Silverman Quietly Deletes Perry Accusation

Yesterday Sarah Silverman attacked Texas Governor Rick Perry for calling the Texas legislature back into session to vote on the late term abortion ban after Wendy Davis’s failed filibuster.


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She Tweeted two different variations and after letting the final one stand for a few hours, deleted it without a word. Why do progressives seem so excited to drop the N word? I don’t get it. Fortunately for Silverman she doesn’t have a show on the Food Network else she’d get fired.

The term in question to which Silverman refers is what owners of land that the Perrys leased painted on a rock. Perry found it offensive and covered it up. So … Silverman is angry that Perry covered it up? Or that the owners of the land he leased painted it on at all? What does this have to do with Perry calling back the Texas legislature? That’s right, nothing. Silverman looked like a nut for trying to play the race card when she couldn’t clearly articulate her thoughts on infant genocide.

And then she quietly deleted it.

For someone who acts so hardcore on stage she couldn’t face the music and apologize for perpetuating completely false info? Lame.

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