Insurance Premiums For Single Women Double In CA

 War on women much?

… many Americans face substantial increases in their health insurance premiums. Much of the debate has focused on young men, the “bros” who will bear the brunt of Obamacare’s rate hikes. But in California, women and men will see equally high jumps in the underlying cost of individual-market premiums.

This is because the Golden State already bars insurers from charging different rates on the basis of gender in the individual market.


… it’s terrible news for those with above-average incomes, along with those who are unmarried or childless.


But in California, if you’re a single woman with a decent-paying job that doesn’t offer health insurance, you’re about to get hammered.


Well it’s a good thing female Obama voters fought so hard for, and only focused on, free birth control pills. Excuse me, <fingers>free</fingers> birth control pills.

A flashback to what Obama promised:

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