Democrats Publicly Endorse Profiling

Just over a year ago Democrats railed against Arizona constituents for passing what Dems viewed to be an immigration law based on profiling. Democrats railed against the airport security profiling. Yet now, they whole-heartedly support it, just so long as it’s the IRS doing it as a punitive measure against their opponents. McDermott blames tea party groups’s treatment on their suggestive clothing, so to speak:


BOLO, or, Be On the Look Out was the method the IRS used to profile groups. Progressives likely didn’t use the terms “tea party” or “patriot” in their filings, so obviously, the persecution didn’t include them.

Democrats are officially on record as supporting federally-funded and backed profiling. The entire time they asked “where is the tea party?” they used the IRS to keep a boot on the neck of the movement.

Remember this the next time they speak out against profiling.


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