First The IRS, Now Democrats Use DSCC To Smear Tea Party IRS Rallies

Guy Cecil is the Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and is credited with saving the senate for the Dems. He may also want the credit of defending the IRS against the scandal surrounding the government entity’s targeting of tea party and Jewish groups. In a recent email to DSCC supporters, Cecil claims in an email fundraising appeal that tea partiers supported Nazis at IRS rallies, so you better give money to Democrat senators:


“At another, radicals waved signs with Nazi symbols.”

The suggestion in the plea was clear: tea partiers support Nazis. It’s an argument that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has before used. Jim Hoft notes that Cecil felt guilty enough to change the wording of the fundraising plea, but not guilty enough to apologize.

Oh, “they NYTimes reported.” That makes is better, right?

Except no one can seem to find this New York Times story where they reported that tea partiers were carrying signs in support of Nazis.

I was at this rally a couple of years ago, where wanted to inundate tea party rallies with people wearing Klan and Nazi outfits and carrying misspelled signs. The rally I attended in Clayton, Missouri, where this video was taken, was one of those targeted. This is how conservatives reacted to the imposter:

Conveniently, this video and clips from other crashes were edited together (without permission of the footage owners) by Lee Fang of Think Progress to falsely portray the tea party as supportive of Nazis and Klan members. No disclaimer was ever given, and it was used by Democrats all over the country to paint tea partiers as “racists.” It’s a lazy way of raising money and Cecil knows it.


Speaking of Cecil and targeting the tea party, the DSCC has before used the IRS’s intimation tactics on groups it opposes:

Democrats go after conservative political groups for exploiting tax-exempt status:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will file a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission Monday against politically active conservative groups operating under tax-exempt status, Yahoo News has confirmed.

The organizations under fire from the DSCC include Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, Americans for Prosperity and the 60 Plus Association, which have already spent millions on advertisements targeting President Barack Obama this election cycle.

The DSCC was part of the effort to claim that groups on the right were somehow flouting tax law just so they could expose their donors and stifle free speech.

It’s amazing that during a time when the IRS is embroiled in a scandal for illegally using its taxpayer-funded offices and personnel to target the very tax payers affording its existence, the DSCC attempts to smear again the victim of this targeting with unproven Nazi sympathizer allegations as a way to raise money — especially as the DSCC has tried to use the IRS to before target the right.


DSCC leaders Harry Reid and Michael Bennet should condemn.

*UPDATE: My friend and “Hating Breitbart” director Andrew Marcus notes the irony in the IRS targeting Jewish and pro-Israel groups along with the tea party and its attack dog, the DSCC, calling tea partiers Nazi supporters.


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