Progressives Blame WA Bridge Collapse On GOP

Yes, they did. (Thankfully there were no fatalities from the bridge collapse and my prayers are with the inured.)

Washington Department of Transportation blamed an oversized load.


But back to the leftist narrative. Facts are fun:

– $8.4 billion dollars in stimulus awarded to Washington for 3,723 jobs created at an astronomical cost of $2,256,244.96 per job.

– Here is the jobs list for WSdot. Perhaps I’ve overlooked it as it’s late, but I didn’t spy the Skagit River bridge.

– Washington did find the time to spend stimulus money on this (h/t @RBpundit):

In Washington State’s Skagit River Valley a multi-million dollar stimulus fund project to restore habitat for endangered salmon, protect farmland from flooding and create jobs is nearing completion. As part of our tracking of the impact and effects of federal stimulus money, FSRN’s Martha Baskin reports.

So where did the money go?

*UPDATE: Sean Davis notes that the WA delegation voted to table this appropriations bill for transportation and development appropriations act (2008).

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