IRS Persecution Is A War On Women

Forget “binders full of women” — the IRS’s persecution of hundreds of tea party groups is the real war on womenI co-founded the movement in my hometown of St. Louis and have travelled the country with various tea party groups and I’ve seen it first hand: the tea party movement was predominately led by women. It isn’t a slight to our men; in speech after speech I mentioned how the nation’s men have been neutralized in this fight by the left’s ridiculous identity politics and bunk sexism claims. I’ve opined more than once “My husband can’t hit a girl, but I can.” It’s the truth — and it’s why women raised up from around the country to lead the charge.


That’s why this IRS scandal is all the more stunning. If the left can claim that Romney’s “binders full of women” remark is indicative of a festering female hatred on the right, if they can claim that the demand for grown women to pay for their own preventative pregnancy sexual recreation pills is a sign that conservatives hate women, then the IRS going all Spanish Inquisition on groups of a female-led movement is the war of all wars on women.

These groups were profiled. They were asked for more information than other groups, information about Facebook posts and even thoughts. While OWS was allowed to collect tax deductible donations through sponsor 501(c)(3)s, tax-exempt requests from groups like Smart Girl Politics languished.

The very people who called the requirement for photo identification are defending this. The people who defended the DOJ when it targeted states like Arizona for immigration reform and said such laws were “profiling” are silent about actual profiling of these groups.


So far, the Big Lady Champions™ like NOW and Sack-n-Save parking lot packer Sandra Fluke are silent.

Yeah. Here’s your war on women.



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