Report: Repeated Attempts To Access MO CCW Database Using Leaked Password

This stunning information from KMOV’s Larry Connors:

There’s evidence that someone tried to access the state website that has the list of all Missourians who have concealed weapons permits. Yesterday morning, someone tried to access the website 23 times. Governor Nixon’s administration says it is trying to find who is behind the incident. Reportedly, the login info used on the House computer was the same info the state gave a federal Social Security agent who requested the list of permit holders; supposedly, that agent was trying to find evidence that Social Security recipients with a mental health diagnosis might have a state issued weapons permit.


We already know that there is no guarantee that the SSA and ATF didn’t share this information with any other entities; the agents and department heads involved had to be subpoenaed before they shared that the entire CCW list was sent three times. An SSA agent also testified that the ATF and SSA were secretly investigating veterans who had CCW permits and were receiving social security disability.

Nixon’s office originally denied that this even occurred until contradicted a day later by the head of his Missouri Highway Patrol.  Nixon’s story unraveled further when it was revealed during last week’s hearing that Janet Napolitano sent Nixon a signed letter thanking him for violating Missouri law and sharing Missourians’s private information.

Why is this data on a website, and why has nothing been done by the governor’s office or the attorney general to secure Missourians’s information and prevent any further breach of privacy?

Past work on this story:

BREAKING: Docs Show Napolitano Thanked Missouri Governor For Breaking State Law *UPDATE: SENATE FILES REMONSTRANCE



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