Jim Carrey's Anti-Gun Logic

Last night I engaged reported “funny man” Jim Carrey in a conversation on gun ownership. This was after his poorly-worded Twitter diatribe about how society needs to foster non-lethal forms of self defense.


It should also be said that Carrey this week is preparing for his new movie, “Kick Ass 2,” which features a copious amount of gun violence and even, reportedly, a rape scene. Because of Carrey’s remarks concerning society and guns, I asked if he would be willing to condemn his new film which does exactly what he preaches against. Paychecks can do a lot to soften the harshness of compromise.


Carrey also falsely asserted that police are somehow obligated to protect life.

In reality, they aren’t: Castle Rock vs Gonzales means that police have no obligation whatsoever to protect your life.

“You are your first responder,” said one Missouri sheriff to me months ago. “Our job is to clean up the mess and catch the perp.”

Considering that the average national response time upon calling 9-1-1 is 12 minutes, who wants to play roulette with their family’s safety? In rural areas it can take as long as 20 minutes for authorities to arrive. A lot can happen in 12 minutes. Carrey has hired guns to protect him, so for him, this isn’t an issue. It is for us, and Carrey has shown no interest in paying for each of us to have our own hired guns.

His video for Funny Or Die is basically one long dong joke, and according to his logic women who want to carry firearms does so to make up for the size of their small penis.


According to CDC and FBI statistics, there exist 2.1 million uses of firearms for self defense annually. Around ten percent of those are women using firearms to repel sexual attacks, but somehow we do it because we have small male copulatory organs. No, that isn’t sexist at all.

Many have asked why I would engage Carrey in this fool’s errand. He’s a nobody/He’s just promoting his movie. He’s trying to ingratiate himself back into bigger comedic movies and I love the opportunity to play Huckleberry and jump on the coattails of his film’s release to bring greater awareness to the civil right of gun ownership.  Highlighting hypocrisy of a truly pro-gun Hollywood lefty is tantamount to a PSA.


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