Watercooler 8/3 Open Thread: Hypocrisy, History, Primaries and Peculiarities

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“Rules For Thee But Not Me,” Oregon Gun Grabber Edition

Consider the case of Lake Oswego, Oregon, preacher and Bloomberger Jeremy Lucas. Seems Mr. Lucas saw a girls’ softball team raffling off a rifle, and he and a local artist decided this evil weapon of death had to be destroyed. So, Lucas used congregation money to buy out most of the raffle tickets… then he lied on the 4473 claiming the rifle was for himself when intent was to transfer from square one. (This is what we call a Straw Purchase, and it is a MAJOR Federal Felony that draws the goose-steppers and kitten-stompers from BATFEces in force.) But that’snot even the fun part. Seems this guy was an enthusiastic supporter of the Bloomberg “Universal Backdoor Registration” known in Oregon as SB941… and his transfer to the artist did not have a background check performed as required by law. Oregon State Police have an investigation underway… but the Usual Suspects in their Legislature including mini-Pelosi Ginny Burdick are already trying to say “that’s not what we meant, now that it’s one of our own getting busted.” On a related note, re Friday’s Executive Order jihad against small-time gunsmiths and homebuilders, I’m arranging interviews with several smiths of diverse experience to explore what can and can’t be done legally without ITAR horsehockey involved. Watch the Diaries here for it…


Washington State Primary Preliminary Results

Take this with a grain, as the big urban counties of the Giant Toilet Bowl including my own haven’t even counted as much as 20% of yesterday’s ballots yet, but… Also, do note we have a “top-two” primary where there’s no  real point in parties because if two Dems get 1st and 2nd that race gets no alternate voice in November.

  • US Senate: General Election appears to be Patty Murray vs Chris Vance, Murray pulling over half the ballots counted so far. It’s a longshot… she’ll probably be another Senator-for-Life.
  • Congressionals: Pretty much no change here, most incumbents are over 50% so far.
  • Statewide Offices: Good news, barring a massive reversal by Puget Sound we’ll probably be in sane hands with either of the two Republicans currently leading this race. Bad news, Dumber Than Bob Ferguson had a blowout in keeping his seat as AG. This was a race with no GOP challenger, and sadly the Libertarian couldn’t even make 30%. Public Lands is awkward… our side has the leading candidate, but there are so many Blue Teamers in the race they’ll probably close ranks and flatten him in the General. Hunters and outdoor folk, hold on to yer butts… Incumbent Kommie Komrade Kreidler looks like he’ll probably get to continue raping the insurance industry as Insurance Commissioner. Guy’s been there since I was a kid, and has only gotten nastier with age… and the anti-gun Supreme Court justice who had enough challengers to warrant a primary gets to move on to the general with a 64% blowout. Hold On To Yer Butts, indeed…

Not much to call on State Legislature tea-leaves… and this is sure an election for reshuffling the decks and costing people friends, as one from my college days took Bloomberg’s blood-money to run for office.


Quick Hits from the Weird Files


This Week In History

  • Sunday, Jul 31: First US patent (Hopkins’s potash), 1790; The Shadow radio serial debuts, 1930; Hoffa vanishes, 1975
  • Monday, Aug 1: Colorado statehood, 1876; Tidal Wave disaster over Ploesti oilfields, 1943; first Six Flags park opens, 1961
  • Tuesday, Aug 2: First US Census, 1790; first San Francisco cable car, 1873; PT-109 sinking, 1943; Saddam invades Kuwait, 1990
  • Wednesday, Aug 3: Firestone founded, 1900; Hiss outed as Commie and spy, 1948; USS Nautilus passes under North Pole, 1958
  • Thursday, Aug 4: Revenue Cutter Service (now US Coast Guard) formed, 1790; Saturday Evening Post debuts, 1821; Tonkin Gulf Incident, 1964
  • Friday, Aug 5: First Federal income tax, 1861; first electric stoplight, 1914; American Bandstand premieres, 1957; Reagan fires PATCO, 1981
  • Saturday, Aug 6: Constitution proof-sheets delivered, 1787; first fry with Old Sparky, 1890; Hiroshima nuked, 1945; Berners-Lee releases WWW concept, 1991

Today’s Birthdays: Elevator maker Elisha Otis, 1811; soldier-journalist Ernie Pyle, 1900; singer Tony Bennett, 1926

This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia. Something interesting not listed here? Please share in the Comments section–this is an Audience Participation Encouraged featurette.

Gratuitous Gun Giveaways

Quote of the Day

Progress was all right. Only it went on too long.–James Thurber

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