Watercooler 3/2 Open Thread: Thomas Breaks Silence, "Cajun John Wayne" Hangs Up Spurs, Bernie's Fingers in the Cookie Jar

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Silent Justice SPEAKS!


Supreme Court devotees have long considered Clarence Thomas’s silence in oral arguments the stuff of legends. The Streak has broken, after ten years and one week–previous record, just a single SCOTUS term, was almost half a century ago. Pundits think that Justice Thomas may be attempting to shoulder the role filled by the late Antonin Scalia.


Farewell, “Cajun John Wayne”

Other contributors have remarked on the viral videos recorded by Capt. Clay Higgins of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department. Seems the Gremlins street gang and their allies including the ACLU threw a fit, bad enough that he’s turned in his badge. Hopefully he’ll land on his feet somewhere and get back to putting scumbags behind bars soon.


Caught In The Cookie Jar

Bernie Sanders has been blowing his own horn a lot about his “little guy” fundraisin, right? Well, turns out… not so much. A number of his donors have broken the $2700 cap, among others for what the FEC cites as 3,457 “excessive, prohibited, and impermissible contributions.” Many of which illegally came from foreign nationals… Gee, where have we seen THAT before?


Quick Hits:



This Week In History

  • Sunday, Feb. 28: Baltimore & Ohio, America’s first railroad, established, 1827; Battle of Sunda Strait, 1942; Watson & Crick discover DNA, 1953; M*A*S*H series finale, 1983
  • Monday, Feb. 29: Jay Treaty reestablishes US-British trade, 1796; Gone With The Wind sweeps eight Oscars, 1940; MacArthur invades Admiralty Islands, 1944
  • Tuesday, Mar. 1: First incorporated city in US (Georgeana, Mass., now York, Maine), 1642; first US Census, 1790; Texas annexed, 1845; Stalin dies, 1953; Operation Anaconda begins, 2002
  • Wednesday, Mar. 2: Slave import banned, 1807; Texas declares independence, 1836; House declares Hayes President-elect, 1877; Battle at Rumaila Oilfield ends Gulf War, 1991
  • Thursday, Mar. 3: Missouri Compromise, 1820; AT&T incorporated, 1885; Islamic Caliphate abolished, 1924; Russia drops out of WWI, 1918; Manila recaptured, 1945
  • Friday, Mar. 4: US Congress first convenes, 1789; daylight raids on Berlin start, 1944; S&P 500 index introduced, 1957
  • Saturday, Mar. 5: Boston Massacre, 1770; Katyn Massacre ordered, 1940; Churchill coins “Iron Curtain,” 1946

Today’s Birthdays: Soldier-statesman Sam Houston, 1793; author Dr. Seuss, 1904; author Tom Wolfe and Commie Mikhail Gorbachev, 1931; singer Lou Reed, 1942 and Jon Bon Jovi, 1962; actors Daniel Craig, 1968, and Bryce Dallas Howard, 1981.


This Week In History is compiled with assistance from History.com and Wikipedia.


The Finer Things

I’ve been stuck in Seattle proper on business the past few days, and Hampton Inn has a really nice breakfast bar, with highlights including depending on day bagels topped with bacon, egg and cheese, or Maple Sausage (looks like kielbasa, but different seasoning) and Seasoned Potatoes (don’t really like the onion and pepper chunks, but the redskin potatoes aren’t bad… think they use some kind of citrus, lemon or lime juice probably, in the seasoning.) Good that at a hundred fifty bucks or more a night even with AAA rates, there are still some places that try to give you something for it…

Cookbooks: Taste of Home Quick Cooking Annual 2016. I have a standing subscription for most of their annuals (which is a big part of why they get so much screen here–I’m not being compensated, but I am fundamentally “inertia minded.”) Entire sections are devoted to things like “30 Minute Menus” (main dish plus complementing side, dessert or beverage), “Finished in 15” (entrees you can knock out only a little slower than TV dinners for the entire family), “Give Me 5 or Fewer” (their variation on the 5-ingredient theme) and the ever popular “Slow Cooked Sensations” (seriously, it takes WORK to screw up with a Crock-Pot). Check out French Dip Subs with Beer au Jus, a 15-minute recipe, here.



Quote of the Day

In regard to recent tactics that are getting results in the #WarOnStubfinger…

“You hit the enemy not with fingers, but with a fist.”–Heinz Guderian


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