Watercooler 1/20 Open Thread - Something in the Water in Florida?, CA Goes to the Dogs, This Week In History

watercoolerWelcome back to another installment of the Watercooler, RedState’s daily Open Thread! Today, we’ve got…

RealClearPolitics polling: Is Florida smoking something funny, or is it something in the water?


RealClearPolitics just released another batch of poll results out of Florida, and the news ain’t good. Right now Monmouth has Trump up 19 points over Cruz at 36%, while Florida Atlantic University gives him a +32 at 48%. FAU also surveyed several head-to-head matchups for the General Election and have Trump beating Clinton by 3 and Sanders by 5 on popular vote; Cruz going down to Hildabeast by 5 and dead-heating Sanders, Rubio dead-heating Clinton and up 5 over Sanders and Jeb beating Clinton by 3, if he can make the McCain/Romney Strategy of “outlast everyone” work. Granted, Florida is turning into a southern annex of Damnyankeestan, but clearly our side has some work to do… On the other hand, Monday’s Florida Times-Union poll shows Trump only up 12, so maybe this is just a bubble from Sarah Palin’s against-all-previously-articulated-beliefs endorsement.


Department of Irony, Obama Appointee Edition

Yet another blow comes to the Obama Administration over the Fast & Furious gunwalking operation, as Judge Amy Berman Jackson has rejected the claim of Executive Privilege over F&F documents. Katie Pavlich has the story. When your liberal friends complain about Republican activism, you might remind them that Berman Jackson is herself an Obama appointee… Isn’t irony fun?



Department of Irony (Second Helping), Liberal Compassion Edition

Isn’t it funny how the Left likes to claim to be all about the poor and downtrodden, yet in action stomps on them as soon as they’re the slightest inconvenience? Yet another illustration of that from Birmingham, as Bernie Sanders’s rally/fundraiser Monday night (one of the coldest nights this winter) just happened to also be the city’s main homeless shelter, Boutwell Auditorium. Damn, Bernie, forget the winter–that’s cold.


From the “We Can’t Make This #%$ Up” File

Seems we have drug smuggling problems from the north too, as a Canadian’s just been arrested after the Border Patrol caught him ‘walking’ $1.6 million worth of Xanax across the border. Not your bag? Try Detroit, where we have an assault sparked by stirring a pot of chili. And California highways are going to the dogs. But hey, at least Boston’s got SWAT Cat back on duty!



This Week In History

  • Sunday, Jan. 17: Battle of the Cowpens, 1781; Palomares “Broken Arrow” incident, 1968
  • Monday, Jan. 18: birth of Naval Aviation when Eugene Ely lands a plane on deck of USS Pennsylvania, 1911
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19: Battle of Mill Springs, first Cenfederate defeat in the Civil War, 1862; snow falls in Miami, 1977
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20: Treaty of Ghent ends Revolutionary War, 1783; Reagan inaugurated and 52 US hostages in Iran released, 1981
  • Thursday, Jan. 21: Louis XVI executed, 1793; Alger Hiss convicted, 1950; USS Nautilus (first nuclear-powered submarine) launched, 1954
  • Friday, Jan. 22: Boeing 747 “jumbo jet” enters service, 1970; Roe v. Wade, 1973; Apple Macintosh introduced, 1984
  • Saturday, Jan. 23: Georgetown University founded, 1789; North Korea seizes USS Pueblo, 1968

Today’s Birthday’s: Continental Congress president Richard Henry Lee (1732); Lockheed Martin founder Allan Loughead (1889); actor DeForest Kelley (1920); Gov. Nikki Haley (1972)


Quote of the Day

Today’s QOTD is regrettably without available attribution, as it was found through use as another member’s signature on a Pacific NW firearms forum.

“Lord, give me Patience… because if You give me Strength I’m gonna need bail money to go with it.”


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