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Woody Allen Dictator Comment

From the L.A. Times: Woody Allen would like Obama to become a Dictator for a few years.

How many times during the eight years of Bush’s administration did we hear that GWB was trying to become a dictator? How many conservatives ever called on Bush to become a dictator?


Mr. Allen, the constitution was written for people who think the way you think. There is a reason that the powers of the government are supposed to be separated, and not in the hands of a single person. There is a reason that one party can “get in the way” of another party. Our founders were trying to prevent the formation of another tyranny in the world.

Woody, please go back and learn some history. I figured you, of all people, would know how dictatorships turn out. Specifically, go back and learn about the dictatorship of a guy named Adolf.


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