Orrin Hatch Speaks for the French Republicans

I’m sure Senator Orrin Hatch would have had the courage to make the following statement in 2012 during his contentious primary challenge:

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch says it’s obvious that gay marriage will become legal across the country sooner or later.

Hatch said people who can’t see what’s happening aren’t living in the real world. He made the remarks Wednesday onKSL-Radio’s Doug Wright Show.

Hatch said he doesn’t agree with the rulings, but defended two Utah judges that recently made pro-gay marriage decisions. He added that Robert Shelby and Dale Kimball are both excellent federal judges. [Politico]


This is the problem with the French Republicans.  If they exhibited as much alacrity and energy in fighting the left instead of echoing their talking points, their policies would never become inevitable.  Yes, we all agree that six years’ worth of refusal to fight against the homosexual agenda will take a toll on our side.  It’s become a one-sided fight precisely because of people like Hatch.  Hence, we have lost the issue on a federal level.  But the notion that we need to sit back and endure it in all 50 states, while being subjected to judicial tyranny is absurd.

Also, how much of this fight are they willing to cede to the Democrats?  What about religious liberty?  And if the entire smorgasbord of demands from the homosexual agenda is inevitable, does the same logic hold true for the transsexual agenda and God knows what else is out there?

Moreover, it is scary that such a prominent member of the Senate Judiciary Committee would refer to judges who create a constitutional right to recognition of a same-sex marriage as “excellent” because they change the Constitution based on perceived public opinion.


If only our opponents had members like Orrin Hatch none of this would be inevitable.



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