Will John Cornyn Unite his Faction of the Party Behind GOP Platform?

With some of the primaries behind us, many within the Republican Party are calling for a unity effort to help win back the Senate in the fall.  Undoubtedly, we need to defeat Harry Reid, the worst leader of the Senate in modern history.  But we also need to unite behind the Republican platform and not use that new GOP majority to promote Obama’s lame duck agenda.


Shortly after Tuesday night’s contentions primaries came to a close, Senator John Cornyn put out the following statement on twitter:

“Anyone who calls themselves Conservative or Republican, who doesn’t vote for the nominee of the party in the general election is neither.”

The question is will Cornyn ask his former top staffer, Rob Jesmer, to do the same?

Rob Jesmer, former NRSC Executive Director and Cornyn campaign manager, is the manager of “earned and paid media” for FWD – the pro-amnesty group funded by liberal billionaire Mark Zuckerberg.  That group is running ads against Rep. Steve King for not supporting Obama’s amnesty plan.  They appallingly accuse him of “attacking” our troops for not supporting Obama’s effort to use our military as a conduit for the open border agenda.

Remember, Steve King does not have a primary challenger and could potentially face a competitive general election like he did last year.  FWD is run and advised by a number of other former leadership staffers.  This campaign against King coincides with Schumer and Reid’s floor speeches attacking the Republican for holding up amnesty in the House.

So will these former leadership staffer stop helping Reid and Schumer defeat a Republican (who has no other Republican challenger) for supporting the party platform on immigration against Obama’s most important initiative?  Will Cornyn and McConnell call on them to stop running ads against Republicans?


In the Texas primary last March, 41 percent of voters voted for someone other than Cornyn, even though nobody put together a semblance of a statewide campaign to challenge him.  We need to unite for the general election, but clearly it is Cornyn and his side who needs to do the uniting.

There is one easy way to unite the party ahead of the fall elections.  We all agree that we must ditch Harry Reid and the Senate majority.  We all agree that a potential GOP majority must serve as a bulwark against Obama’s upcoming capricious effort to rule by administrative fiat during the lame-duck period of his presidency.  And hopefully, we all agree that we should unite behind the GOP platform.

In that spirit, will GOP leaders commit to not bringing any amnesty immigration bill to the Senate floor, at least as long as Obama remains in the White House?  Will they commit to not disenfranchising Republican voters once again by delivering their votes into Obama’s hands?

The ball is in their court.


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