Paul Ryan’s Super Clever Idea for Illegal Immigrants

Now that House Republicans have passed a trillion dollar omnibus and trillion dollar farm bill, they are prepared to tackle the most pressing issue of our time – granting benefits to illegal immigrants.


The key to understanding the politics of illegal immigration is that this is not just about amnesty (legalization and/or citizenship).  It’s not just that these people are calling for amnesty because of logistics, yet desire an end to illegal immigration in the future.  If that were the case they would simply implement the enforcement measures that have been passed on numerous occasions (eight times, in the case of Visa exit-entry), and address those already here from a position of strength – knowing that this won’t happen again.

What they really desire is open borders.  That is why they always propose the legalization before implementation of enforcement measures and cutting off of magnets and benefits.  They know the latter will never come to fruition while the former will occur immediately.  They want to continue the perennial cycle of open borders and amnesty.

However, they understand that the public (and certainly their base) is not buying it.  So Paul Ryan has thought of a clever shiny object to use for packaging of this grand scheme.  A probationary status!

Ryan said the principles would outline a bill that would allow immigrants living in the country illegally to “come out of the shadows” to receive a probationary work permit.

To get out of the probationary status and receive a regular work permit, triggers for border security and interior enforcement would have to be met and independently verified.

Those immigrants would also have to pay a fine, learn English and civics, and prove that they are not on welfare.

At that point, they would be able to apply for a green card for permanent residency through regular procedures.


What a novel idea!  Probationary status.  Why haven’t we thought of that?  Oh, wait, that was the cornerstone of the Senate “Gang of 8” bill last year.  The difference is that Ryan seems to imply that when the government fails to stop illegal immigration the status will be revoked!

What’s the matter?  You don’t believe him?

If so, call your Republican members and tell them to demand a cease and desist at the GOP retreat.  Urge them to focus on Obamacare, pro-growth policies and pushing back against the endless deb increases.


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